Red Dead Redemption: Outfit Guide – Treasure Hunter Outfit

By Jamie Pert - Jun 1, 2010

Red Dead Redemption is still maintaining it’s grip on the video game chart, and has fulfilled every gamers expectations of a great game. We continue our trend of Red Dead Redemption articles that we have been bringing you in the flavor of outfit guides. This one will cover the Treasure Hunter Outfit.

In order to acquire the “scraps” needed to make this outfit, you will need to do a list of requirements which we will go into detail below, when you finally get hold of the treasure hunter outfit it will give you the benefit of being a friend to all treasure hunters.

Scrap #1 – Search – The first “scrap” can be found in an abandoned house in Silent Stead,

Scrap #2 – “California” Stranger’s Task – To obtain the second scrap, you simply have to complete the “California” Stranger’s Task.

Scrap #3 – Blackjack – While playing Blackjack at Rathskeller Fork, all you must do to get the third scrap is to make a profit while playing.

Scrap #4 – Claim A Treasure Hunter Bounty – Another simple task, all you must do is claim a treasure hunter bounty alive.

Scrap #5 – Gaptooth Breach Hideout – Scrap #5 will be given to you once you complete the Gaptooth Breach Hideout mission.

Scrap #6 – A Simple Purchase – Much like the rest of the outfits, the last and final scrap can be purchased from the tailor that is located in Thieves’ Landing.

If this guide helped you, and you are interested in finding out where you can obtain the rest of the available outfits in Red Dead Redemption, use the search feature where you will find more guides, hints, tips and of course outfit guides.

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  • Spud

    where does the poster for treasure hunter bounty come up?

  • arthur

    how many times do u have to meet up w the california stranger? i met w him 3 times already

  • SweatyRich

    Profit simply means you have more chips than you started with!!
    I think you start with 200, so as soon as you get over that (even if you win your first hand), then simply quit the blackjack game to get the award.

  • Cman

    can sombody tell me what profit means in blackjack

  • Cman

    somebody tell me what the hell does profit mean on the blackjack scrap two

  • gamer

    i cant find a bounty poster for a treasure hunter i think i have may have captured them before i unlocked outfit or bounty mission not coming up (i dont have to replay full game again do i) ???? 🙁

    • RangerTex

      ur a stupid ass gamer

      • exhumed

        And you are just an ass

    • bob

      No, it just takes a while, and you will get a random bounty to go and catch. 😀

  • sfbsd

    thanks for the help

  • travis

    Put "track outfit" on for this and a big purple circle will appear. The stranger is at the bottom path of this purple circle, sitting by a rock.

  • I’m stuck on this game can some one help me pleas on treasure hunter scrap 2

  • Rusty Needles

    Where do I find the California Stranger the first time, don't say gaptooth ridge, give me an actual location. Anyone ?

  • JOrdi

    You have to find him couple of times But when found after first time it will be shown on the map Don't worry if you don't see it straight after first time He needs to walk to his next destination.
    Its not at all an hard quest only talk and deliver something at the end ( won't tell you details)
    – Black jack you start with 200 chips When you win first hand hand have 205 just leave and its done ( perhaps works at 201 too)
    If you have enough money by the scraps at tailor in Thieves landing This avoid comming back when you do other outfit And when you play the bad guy buy the bandana too Helps you cover your face.
    – One outfit in thieves landing give you uppertunity to cheat with poker when you wear it ( when you deal the cards) I didn't succeed cause went to fast how to avoid detection When you are detected a show down begins 🙂

  • Peter Holness

    The California Stranger task can be found in the Gaptooth Ridge area. Look for a purple circle.

  • jason

    where is the california stranger task?