Red Dead Redemption: Outfit Guide – Reyes’ Rebels Outfit

By Jamie Pert - Jun 1, 2010

If you have been following our Red Dead Redemption posts over the past few weeks, you may have noticed that we have rolled out a fair few outfit guides to bring you the best possible experience from another already legendary Rockstar game. This post continues our outfit guide walkthroughs, with the Reyes’ Rebels outfit.

In order to acquire the “scraps” needed to make this outfit, you will need to do a list of requirements which we will go into detail below, when you finally gain the Reyes’ Rebels outfit the Law in Mexico will not pursue you, while making the townspeople think you are in the Reyes Rebels.

Scrap #1 – Search – Much like most of the previous outfits, you much search and find your first scrap. This one can be found in Sepulcro, within a chest inside the graveyard.

Scrap #2 – “Poppycock” Stranger’s Task – The second scrap can be obtained by completing this mission.

Scrap #3 – Horesbreaking Job – By completing the Horsebreaking job in Chuparosa, you will be given the third scrap to this outfit.

Scrap #4 – “Love is the Opiate” – Complete the “Love is the Opiate” stranger’s task for the fourth scrap piece.

Scrap #5 – Five Finger Fillet – While taking part in Five Finger Fillet, all you must do is win to receive the fifth scrap.

Scrap #6 – A Simple Purchase – Yet again, visit the general store in Escalera to purchase you last and final scrap piece which will then make up the entire outfit.

If this guide helped you, and you are interested in finding out where you can obtain the rest of the available outfits in Red Dead Redemption check out this link.

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  • savanna

    Why aren't the strangers where they are supposed to be sometimes

  • Matthew

    i cant win at the five finger thing im doing it so fast the knife is almost a blur yet as soon as i hit the last button it says times up ?? any idears how to win

  • becker

    I have finished the Reyes rebels and have gone to the store to buy the last scrap but the storeman is never there. I cannot buy anything from the general store. any ideas?

  • cameron

    i cant win five finger fillet

    • just look at the buttons you have to press and remember them and when you start dont even look at the screen the buttons stay the same most of the time and just hit the buttons like ababababbabababb and so on with whatever pattern they give you

  • michael

    for the last scrap of reyes outfit you must first finish the REYES missions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • duke

      THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Zach

    am trying to get the 5th scrap but I cant get on top of the hill where the five finger fillet is…any suggestions PLEZ!

    • @C13

      have you even done the mission that takes you here if you havent then do it if you have then start thinking about walking up the hill/unmarked path

  • Rob

    i bought scrap 6 before i even got to that one, and now it says not available when i go to the store but i have already bought it. I cant complete scrap 6, what do i do?

    • michael

      did you figure it out? i have the same problem and i cant figure it out please help!

      • Brandon

        ya me too

    • Pieter

      the scrap is in your inventory, just press select and search it in your kit and just press A (or whatev er button ps3 uses) and it will be completed

  • Fred

    where is the person to get scrap 4 from

    • Rob

      Yo just go to start then outfits and go to the outfit you want and hit (X) and it will track it for you, then go to the purple circle.