New iPhone 4G: Microsoft Bing in, Google out

By Alan Ng - Jun 1, 2010

Some major news to report to you now, as it has been revealed that Apple has dropped Google as the default search engine on the iPhone, in favor of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Who would of thought it?

As reported from RedmondPie, the source has surfaced from TechCrunch, who state that Apple and Microsoft have come to an agreement, which will see Bing as your new search engine on the iPhone OS, which includes iPhone OS 4.0 and of course, the upcoming iPhone 4G handset.

We first told you back in April that Apple were thinking of ditching Google as the default search choice on the iPhone, and this latest bit of info seems to confirm that.

While it has been confirmed that Steve Ballmer won’t be in attendance at WWDC, does that mean that another senior exec from Microsoft will? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Ha Ha Ha

    Bing is better than Google by a long shot, it's way more pretty, way more organized, and way easier to navigate. And no, I am not a Microsoft fan boy, in fact, I strongly dislike them with a burning passion.

  • vivid

    Flash out (or never considered) now Google search engine out – thanks you Apple but no thanks, i am already switching to Android on the HTC Desire!

  • Mathieu

    It's easy, I'll just manually switch the default search back to Google. If they don't allow that then I will jump ship to Android.

    • Nick

      Who you think new APPLE's enemy is? Have you tried Bing or is it just an anti-Microsoft thing.