New iPhone 4G: Great for FoxConn workers?

We have some more details on the Foxconn situation now, and it appears to be good news. It has been reported that Apple are planning to introduce a new system, in which they will be paying Foxconn employees direct subsidies for Apple products that they work on.

As reported from MicGadget, Apple has thought to have completed an investigation into the recent Foxconn worker suicides and has decided to make a few changes.

At the moment, Foxconn workers are paid around $132 per month, but we understand that Apple will be dishing out a futher 1 or 2% of profits from Apple products via subsidies. The iPad is set to be the first Apple product in which Foxconn employees will benefit from the extra wages, while the upcoming iPhone 4G should follow soon after.

So it seems as if Apple are thinking that the main reason behind the suicides is low wages. It is nice to see Apple acting fairly quickly on a solution. Let us know your thoughts on this story.



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