Mini Skirt Meteorology: Length Can Predict Changes in Weather

By Jamie Pert - Jun 1, 2010

We are hearing rumors which suggest that research on eBay has revealed that the length of mini skirts can be used to predict the weather, this weather prediction is said to be pretty accurate and comes ahead of announcements from the Met Office, this is being dubbed Mini Skirt Meteorology.

To be honest I am not to sure what to make of this claim, it sounds extremely hard to believe, however there have now been quite a few pretty reliable sources looking in to Mini Skirt Meteorology, therefore surely there must be some truth to it?

An eBay representative has stated that there is a positive trend between the length of skirts sold and the change in weather, therefore when longer skirts begin selling, we should expect colder weather.

Apparently skirt sales rose by 200% before recent hot weather began, this trend began several days before the Met Office revealed that hot weather was on the way, to me it seems like a coincidence, what do you think?

Source: Telegraph

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