Google Ban Windows Use Over Security Concerns – Now Using Mac & Linux

According to a report that comes from the Financial Times, Google have apparently moved all users off Windows based systems due to certain security concerns, and have transferred them to the use of Mac and Linux systems.

Google does have a policy, which involves them moving users on to Google related products where possible as Google employees go as far as saying that Windows systems are to be distrusted.

This could potentially come back to an incident that occurred late last year where hackers from china infiltrated Google systems, aswell as the new reported compromised system.

Impressions from the report tell us that the system that was compromised was a Windows XP system, with Internet Explorer 6 and also logged in as ‘Administrator’. If this was a serious decision by Google based on this incident, Google should know better than to have a system running an inferior operating system when there are 2 (arguable) upgrades being Windows Vista and Windows 7 series, along with two more secure versions of Internet Explorer available.

But something here seems a little over exaggerated. Numerous articles like the one on PCMag say that this story is not to be fully trusted as it does not seems to come directly from Google themselves.

Do you think that this is the right path to take if you worked for Google? How would you handle the situation?

Source: PCMag


  • Vincent

    Let me applaud this move forward in the good direction.
    I am one of these many people who have braved since many years all the constraints imposed by the Companies massive commitment to Microsoft and survive using Linux in the daily work, while interacting with many stakeholders using the dominant commercial system.

  • Brandon

    Microsoft has admitted the security issued in XP and IE6 @Tim… It is a known issue. But I am assuming Google has to have a few systems with it because they are web based and IE6 was so screwed up that normal web standard code doesn't display properly on IE6 so all web designers/developers have to test everything on IE6 so they can compensate for Microsoft's horrible programming.

  • Bart

    This is purely a marketing ploy by Google. Nothing more. Google sees Microsoft as their number one competition and this is a move to cast shadows.

  • Tim

    Where's the proof of Windows security issues? I believe Mac OS X is generally the first hacked in hacking competitions, not Windows.

  • moko

    Prior to this Google decision I have suggested that Google migrates their systems to REDHAT ENTERPRISE LINUX . Hackers can't attack Linux because the system is too complex and is meant for Geeks only !!!!


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