E3 2010: Rockstar To Announce GTA V, Max Payne 3 & L.A. Noire?

By Jamie Pert - Jun 1, 2010

Rockstar proved that they are not just a one trick pony by showing us they can design games such as Red Dead Redemption aswell as the impressive and popular Grand Theft Auto Series. But with E3 coming up, Rockstar intend to continue it’s success by providing us with more information regarding GTA 5, Max Payne 3 and the long-awaited L.A. Noire.

At first, it seemed as though Rockstar would not really stake a claim at this years E3, but reports that are coming in via Twitter from Nuts Magazine suggesting that Rockstar does intend to drop some information about GTA V, Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire.

L.A. Noire, a game that has been in the pipeline for the past three or so years, along with Max Payne 3 are set to be a huge opportunity for Rockstar to carry on their ever growing success in the games market, and although it still could be too early to mention anything about the GTA series, I wouldn’t rule it out.

All we can do is wait for E3 and see what Rockstar can do to convince us that they can carry on gracing us with great games, much like they have with Red Dead Redemption.

What information would you like to hear about these 3 potential titles at E3?

Source: PSXExtreme

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  • LeoDicaprio

    I would like to see A total new story line , a much more complicated story line , we have the choice to choose to do something in a mission .We get to choose to do the dirty way or the clean way .
    A whole lot of cars with the actually name and the model . We can fly an Airplane , Jet and bicycle and more .
    We can go eat in a Restaurant , Go to Gas station . Buying houses and this time each houses doesn't look the same inside . We can park anywhere at a parking lot and it won't disappear .
    And the most important part , much better graphics and more vehicals damages .and When we are on a wanted level or more , the cops should be much smarter and can't get away easily . Thats what I'm hopping for .

  • baller

    they should definetly bring back bikes and planes, but what im really looking forward to is being able to change your appearence by getting fat or in shape, changing hairstyles, etc again like in san andreas.
    car modding would also be great to have back, as well as buying houses

    the top new things i would like to see would be: children and animals, being able to buy not only houses but pretty much anything, like cars, motorcycles, boats, or i dont know, maybe more "day by day" things….
    i thing bringing gasoline into the game would be interesting, like cars running out of gas, having to stop at gas stations..
    it would also be cool if you have certain cars you like more and you can leave outside without them disapearing or whatever, bein able to keep some cars you like without having to be careful with parking or "saving" them.

    if they do all this, i dont even mind what city, cities or places well be in

  • MR WOW


  • Rockstar

    Oh god jake, you are ridiculous. That isn't the REAL Rockstar. Look, anyone can put a fake name like I just did.

  • Rockstar

    We will not be putting the next Grand Theft Auto in london.

    • jake

      then where will it be los santos? that one was by far the best cause you could do alot with that game and i agree with funkfurter bring back the airplanes and bring back the ability to do things with the vehicles like hook up the semi to a trailer or the baggage car to the other trailers that was cool

  • Guest

    Anonymous you're a retard they already did an expansion in London before GTAIII even came out.

  • anonymous

    there wont be a GTA London. GTA is an american based game, and GTA london would be boring

  • funkfurter

    GTA can be anywhere, just bring back the bicycles and airplanes… and introduce a skateboard… a talking skateboard that smokes pot

  • Marc

    I would like to see GTA return to it's original roots…….PS3 Exclusive!
    Blu-Ray can hold twice as much as a HD disk therfore the game would be twice as big!
    Plus R* made a statement a while ago appologising to PS3 users and promising them that they would be bringing great things to the PS3!

    • Chris

      Sorry but that is super false. Blu ray can no way hold more than 4TB of data, as far as i remember the pc HDD maximum at the moment is 4tb, so I think a ps3 exclusive would be foolish for rockstar to limit the graphics aswell as the size of the game. If they were to do an exclusive it should be on pc because of the super capabilities of them

      • Guest

        He meant an HD (High Definition) Disc not a Hard Drive in a computer. And blu-ray can currently hold up to 200 Gigabytes nothing near 4 TB but more than a pitiful HD Disc, which currently at most holds between 7 GB to 15 GB.

  • Jack

    Rockstar isn't going to e3…

  • jeke

    were r we in the list

  • Nas


  • DAR786


  • kehenkestrengle

    hou je bek kankernerd pijp een paard

  • JACK


  • ola

    gta has to be in england

  • Tayfun

    Gta London