Apple iPad Vs China iPed Apad: Which one is better?

We are pretty sure you have heard about the Apple iPad, but what about the iPed device that is taking China by storm at the moment? It is a iPad clone that is available to buy now, and at a significantly cheaper price than the iPad.

The iPed, or Apad as it is also known is available to buy over in Shenzhen, China and also on a few Chinese websites. The device is quite different in terms of specs to Apple’s iPad, but the design is exactly the same style as you’d expect with the iPad.

The biggest difference between the two, is that the iPed runs Android 1.5 OS, rather than Apple’s iPhone OS. As you should know by now though, Android is no lightweight and the device packs some handy specs.

It features a 7-inch touchscreen display with 800×430 resolution, a 600 MHz RockChip 2808A processor with 1GB of Memory, MicroSD support, 802.11b/g WiFi, HD video playback, 3.5mm jack and one-click access to YouTube. Since it is running Android, you’ll also get a collection of Google apps, such as the Chrome browser, Google Maps and Google Talk.

Best of all, this device is available to buy online for just $149 USD. If you compare that to the $499 asking price for the 16GB WiFi iPad, then you can see why everyone is so pumped up for the iPed clone.

Would you buy this over the iPad? You can’t beat the real thing, but then again – you can’t beat low prices like this too. Take a look at the full product page for the device here and then let us know your opinions of it.

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