Apple iPad Vs China iPed Apad: Which one is better?

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We are pretty sure you have heard about the Apple iPad, but what about the iPed device that is taking China by storm at the moment? It is a iPad clone that is available to buy now, and at a significantly cheaper price than the iPad.

The iPed, or Apad as it is also known is available to buy over in Shenzhen, China and also on a few Chinese websites. The device is quite different in terms of specs to Apple’s iPad, but the design is exactly the same style as you’d expect with the iPad.

The biggest difference between the two, is that the iPed runs Android 1.5 OS, rather than Apple’s iPhone OS. As you should know by now though, Android is no lightweight and the device packs some handy specs.

It features a 7-inch touchscreen display with 800×430 resolution, a 600 MHz RockChip 2808A processor with 1GB of Memory, MicroSD support, 802.11b/g WiFi, HD video playback, 3.5mm jack and one-click access to YouTube. Since it is running Android, you’ll also get a collection of Google apps, such as the Chrome browser, Google Maps and Google Talk.

Best of all, this device is available to buy online for just $149 USD. If you compare that to the $499 asking price for the 16GB WiFi iPad, then you can see why everyone is so pumped up for the iPed clone.

Would you buy this over the iPad? You can’t beat the real thing, but then again – you can’t beat low prices like this too. Take a look at the full product page for the device here and then let us know your opinions of it.

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    which one is better? of course the ipad is better, but how many people can afford an ipad? if i buy an ipad, i have no money left to pay my rent. so i have 2 choices. 1 pay my rent and get an apad, or 2, buy an ipad and be evicted

  • Just get an Android if your broke

  • Just get an Android if your broke

    • anton

      i disagree. even if you were rich, you shouldnt buy an ipad. have you ever noticed that rich people are the stingiest of them all? rich people stay rich by looking for bargains, not by blowing their money on “name brands” and believing commercial hype

  • JJ

    Luckily I can afford the real thing- If you can’t then just ACCEPT it. Don’t support Chinese FAKES!!!!!!

    • anton

      yea, but if i buy an ipad, i’d be supporting shills like you, and making rich white people, even richer. why would i do that? i personally dont use tablet computers, but i would never in a milion years buy anything made by apple

  • Lovelyyou

    apad is the best ^_^                      

  • Lovelyyou

    apad is the best ^_^                      

  • .. can i know what is great between the ipad and the apad ??
    .. and what is the best ??

  • Guest

    you can buy it for less than 100 dollars..

    • bruce davis

      Just brought it for $20…THAT’S RIGHT $20 from a friend who did not have a clue what he had! I reset system to factory defaults, inserted 32GB micro card and run it on my T Mobile Hotspot…IT WORKS GREAT!!! I’m an APPLE FAN,(own stock and products) but Android wins big with this. Kids LOVE it!

      • Aeliot40

        I bought one from a website in china…. my kids love it sooo much that the local school has placed the money in the next year’s budget to get the students learning on them.

    • anton

      i bought one for a 150 but i still prefer desktop computer

  • Idiemeyar

    Apad can support Flash Player. Problem? Ipad?

  • your dad

    i have been looking to get one of these a/e pads for a while but with these revews there is now way in hell i will get one now, thanks for the help everyone

  • khrystyna

    ipads because they are just cooler

  • louis rea

    looking foe a english manual

  • ghghghh

    150? i found something like this for 80 bucks

  • Ash Hole

    i think what you all bought is the fake version, you see. the ipad is the original, then china clone it, and what you may have is the clone of the clone… because its not suppose to have 128mb of ram, suppose to have 285mb of ram, processor of 600-800mhz, and using either rockchip or telechip cpu, if you look on the kernel and you see the word "dirty" on it, then you got the clone of the clone. You are all cheapscake! and a bunch of asshole… fuck you all hehehe

    • your dad

      ur an idiot

    • mongoloid creature..shud consult ur doctor sir.

  • aPad User

    im from the Philippines, and i bought apad 3.0 for P3600 and i love it. i have no problem with this device. for touch screen function, i dont need to exert much effort, i dont even need to push hard the screen for it to work. I can download free games or apps. This is awesome! For those whose saying that the apad sucks, you u know its just "USER-ISSUE" im using my apad for about a year now. and i had no problem.

    • miles

      where did you bought it text me the store name and where

      • anton

        theres a website that reviews them, and gives links to stores. one is called gizchina, and the other is gizmochina

  • sweetlife


  • maruha

    hi everyone. iam seriously considering on buying an APAD for my kiddo. but reading your comments made me think twice. is it really worth the bucks?

  • Pyrothrax

    I currently have the Apad Android OS 2.2 version with built in camera and 2G memory… works like a charm!

  • I have an Apad 7" for the last 3 months. I know it was cheap so I knew what to expect. But for reading books, light surfing, twetter, music and passing the time. Is a good device for the price paid.

    In the end it all comes down to quality of hardware: better hardware, better performance. I used a Galaxy Tab which is running Android 2.2 That device is way better than an Ipad. I take a good quality Android tablet over an Ipad any day of the week.

  • JologzSiBlyj

    I got a MID China Android 2.2 Tablet as a gift from a friend..
    This is my second day of figuring out on how to speed up its operation and Im not giving up tweaking its processor to become fast or quick. ITS REALLY A SLOPPY ONE.

    These are my thoughts:

    Android 2.2 OS Tablet should have at least 800mHz processor (mine is lower)

    Memory should be at least 512MB (mine is 256MB)

    Default Browser doesnt support Internet Connection thru Wifi ( I downloaded Opera Mobile 10 and it worked perfectly fine)

    Good Graphical Interface but very very SLOW in processing Apps and it always says SORRY.. ERROR.. something..

    Going back to Home Screen PISSES me most.. There was no time that Ive gone back to Home Screen without an error message.

    BOTTOMLINE: The hardware specification IS NOT compatible with the Android 2.2 OS because the system requires more memory and a powerful processor.. It should have been bundled with a lower version of Android System..

    (Now, Im considering rooting it to overclock its CPU.. until now im searching for the right tools and right techniques or processes to make it fast):

    I MUST REMEMBER: This is a CHINA-made gadget.. It's closer to saying: I GOT A DISPOSABLE TECHNO GADGET..

    and after reading some articles, I am stunned with these delicate procedures;

    1. How to Root China Droids
    2. How to Overclock to make it at least 800mHz (it is the Flash requirement for videos to play)
    2. Where to Download compatible Launcher – to startup faster
    3.How to Move the Apps from Internal Memory to SD to free space in order to process faster


    My Personal Recommendation: (Luckily this Tablet is only a gift for me)

    1. GET BRANDED ANDROID TABLETs.. they're a lot more convenient to USE.. spare some money to get the WOW feeling of using it..
    ( Sometimes MONEY cant buy PISSES)

    2. If you're considering BUYING CHINA-made Android Tablets because of tight budget, consider the COMPATIBILITY issues: HARDWARE vs SOFTWARE

    Definitely, It's not my kind of gadget. I wouldnt BUY it even if I got money for it..
    One wouldnt want To WASTE money for a lot of INCONVENIENCEs that the gadget could give u BACK.. AND COULD GET U INTO A LOT OF TROUBLE by tweaking it..

    BUT HEY!, my daughter enjoys using it because after 24 hours of using it.. I gave it to her.. i just loaded it with compatible Apps and Games that doesnt require much of its memory..

    Hope this helps..

    • anton

      not anymore. nowadays apads come with 2 gigs of memory, 32gb hard drive, and 2ghz procesor. newsmy, ramos, onda, huawei, telcast. wowfly, take your pick

  • david

    it realy sucks, interface is sloppy and you have to be on top of wifi to use, and when you do get it spend an hour just to log on because of the crappy interface.

    • anton

      if the interface is sloppy then blame google because they made android

  • Mark Nongkhlaw

    Can this and the iPad print at all?

    • anton

      i dont know about ipad, but the apad can print. ive used the ipad a few times, but it’s so user unfriendly that i just dont bother with it. the only thing i am able to do on the ipad is open the web browser, and thats about it.

  • Lydia

    I bought an Apad for £85.00 as an experiment. It's a 7" running Android 2.1 software, and aside from being a little heavy, I'm extremely pleased with it! The touch screen is responsive, the wifi connection is good. Everything looks lovely, the display is easy to use. You can't 'pinch' it in or out so it's not a 'proper' touch screen, but my mobile phone cost £20 more and the 'touch' screen on that is rubbish! Overall, very pleased. Tried iPad in shop, was slow, unresponsive and terrible frankly. Even the store assistant had nothing good to say about iPad! My apad was well worth the money, and the video playback quality is great.

  • binkleplease

    My friend has an apad and it SUCKS HORRIBLY. He sold it a while ago and got the real thing for Xmas. SO MUCH BETTER.

    • anton

      you know whats even more stupid? people who buy ipads and give them as gifts to people, and the recipient has no clue how to use it and they just wasted $500 for nothing. ive seen quite a few of those. people shouldnt buy something because it looks trendy. if you can make use of somethng then buy it, but if a 65 yr old woman doesnt even use smart phones. why are you buying an ipad for them? it just makes no sense. im 25, and cant even figure out how to use the ipad, and i’m fairly computer literate. it’s also just straight up anoying to type on a tablet.

  • joelsy

    in greenhills philippines you can get it as low as 80USD, but its pretty much useless although its android 2.2 already. Memory should be upgraded to at least 1GB to function in properly..

  • jason

    i have bought a apad from only 180USD,it support android 2.2 facebook.
    it is the ipad too high,hope it get down one day

  • asa

    Not all people can afford to buy Ipad.. I must buy APAD

  • jon

    yes avoid it ,battery useless cheap but crappy important i got i yr warranty for 65usd still too much just shitty junk avoid as useless

  • Elvis

    Maybe you guys should try this apad .really good .
    8inch .android 2.2. The CPU is A8 .
    512mb memory, 4G hard disk.

    I bought it from a guy name Louis ,The price is $164. his email: louis806@ddlinc,cn.

  • zandro estrada

    accept the fact that Chinese guys dominate the market!!!

    • anton

      no. white guys and jews still dominate the market. Chinese guys just give you an alternative

  • Jon

    the Flatpad A10T is the android tablet to get. it is the real max-ipad killer, a 10.1" screen with android 2.2, NVIDIA Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Tegra 2 processor, and a 3900 mah battery Approx. 8-10hrs life fully charged. it is about 100.00 more than the cheap apads, but also 100 times better. they are sold out right now until January, and no I am not advertising for this company, I was browsing the web for android tablets and ran across this site, I don't have one yet but you can bet your ass come January I will be ordering one.

  • dennis

    own both. the ipad is obviously better. but the iped is great for the money. wife is using it to check e-mail and facebook, etc. works fine

  • FIKE2308

    i wonder how many of these people who are bashing the apad are being paid by apple?

  • rovingeagle

    your site dohies all over a lot of good for techies

  • It’s not just about price for me. I’ve been looking and you can get 7″ ones for under a 100 now. But the true selling point is that the android operating system is superior to the iPad’s. I like being able to run more than one app at a time. Also there seem to be more free apps on the android market. Better device better price. No brainer.

    • anton

      itunes sucks, and is fascist. i just dont like apple at all. even when you walk into their stores, you just get a bad feeling

  • moe

    when it comes to apad.
    1st the life battery is between 1 to 2.5 hours. ipad is 10 hours
    apad has 7 or 8 inchs screen. while ipad has 9.7 inchs.
    apad has a thin plastic body. ipad has matel body.
    some apad has 3g or external 3g and its not supported in most of the countries. ipad has 3g ulocked and you can jailbreak it.

    at the end i where in hope that android pad would be better as i love android os… but its not since its coming from chain

    • anton

      nobody here is disputing that ipad is better than apad, but the fact of the matter is, you can buy 3 or 4 apads for the price of 1 ipad. the question is, do you have money to burn? i certainly dont. i got kids to support

  • Zahid

    What about external modem? Can use edge modem in USB port?

  • lizz

    well I was going to buy a kindle and the apad was a great buy ..i love it . I can read my kindle books go only “IN COLOR THANK YOU VERY MUCH” I got what paid for $95. That right $95! That whe everyone was sleepin on this a the beginning of thir internet intro. Got what I paid for it! A lovely in my purse tablet…..get real people! Some of you spend more on crap you buy and don’t use…this is well worth the price!!! I also got the nook covers to fit my apad so check it out

    • anton

      when u buy kindles, youre actually just paying for a brand

  • guest

    Knock it off guys! It's convenient and cheap. The only downside is that it's a disposable pad; run it for two days to a week then it's off to the trash bin.

    • anton

      been running mine for 2yrs now

  • chantelle

    ive got an apad its realy good , got it of ebay really cheap for $160 its got wifi and heaps of apps

  • alex

    I buy that 10"ePad 1GHz CPU WiFi MID Tablet PC Google Android 2.1 For an ONLY 186.98 or ePad 7 Touch MID Notebook Android for $82.35 With free shipping at buyincoins(dot)com using "10%off2010" coupon(10%off) code and recommender "negoni"(additional 5%off)

  • apad

    those three apad is the best so far ! you can see it.

    7 inch apad andoid 1.5—APad

    7 inch apad andoid 2.1

    10.2 inch apad android 2.1

  • Sam

    HEllo! I'm from philippines I need help. If I buy an APAD can i bring it to the US sin ce they're saying it's a clone of IPAD?

    • anton

      apads dont have apple logos on them

  • mankay

    I’m thinking of buying apad from one of the Chinese websites. I wonder how trustworthy they are with my account details.

    • anton

      no less trustworthy than paypal. by the way, i had my paypal frozen with $500. so they just decided to keep my $500. and since paypal is tight with the u.s govt, they never face prosecution. thats what i’d be worried about.

  • Chinapad

    Hello, I think I would buy one Apad to know whether it is good or bad. However, would any one living in China like to come to Cambodia soon? If yes, would you mind to help me buying one Apad from China. Please contact me through Thanks!

  • watson

    i will consider it, but how is the speed

    • anton

      there are lots of different versions of apad. i saw a 10 inch onda apad selling for $120 with 2ghz proceosr, 2gb memory, and 32gb hard drive

  • Scott

    I bought the Apad with Android 1.6 system, Frankly found it very frustrating, slow and very poor response from the screen, you felt like 'throwing it out the window' it was that non responsive. After about 30 mins the screen stopped responding all to gether and I had to send it back to seller. Eventually got my money back. The Ipad is by far superior , but must admit that the asking price of £429 in the uk is just excessive, better with a Net Book to be honest.
    Nice idea Google, but frankly very disappointing !!

  • King

    i love android but it would be able to update

  • vcr

    lol the apad is ok but for some reson i cant warch youtube (got it yesterday)

  • ApadUserDude

    Part 4
    Things I liked about the iPad
    1. iPad screen was bigger (9.7”)
    2. I though the touch screen was much better on the Apple iPad
    3. Andriod 1.6 doesn’t have the fancy stretch or shrink finger gestures that I really like with the Apple operating system.
    4. CPU Speed is better on Apple iPad
    5. The accelerometer response was much better on the iPad
    6. All my videos worked perfect on the iPad. I couldn’t get some of my videos to work on my SP-56 but a quick google search and I found a solution. Basically my free video converter was the issue. I found another free one and all is now good but it took me a couple of different downloads to find one that worked OK.
    7. The Wifi signal strength is better with the iPad
    8. The back iPad is aluminium and I think it gives it a more classier feel
    9. Much better battery performance
    10. Better quality finish all round

  • ApadUserDude

    Part 3
    Things I liked about the SP-56
    1. Cheap. iPad $AU629, SP-56 $99 ($140 delivered)
    2. Everything works as expected
    3. Simple support for HTML, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF’s (my main requirement)
    4. Google web browser works perfect
    5. I setup the supplied email program and got Hotmail and POP mail to work first go
    6. Skype works perfect
    7. Nice ebook reader software that worked perfect and has a decent zoom
    8. Doesn’t need any software like iTunes installed on your PC. Just plug it in and the Device Memory and MicroSD card appear in My Computer as separate drives
    9. I inserted the MicroSD card from my phone and stuffed it full of documents, spreadsheets, Ebooks, MP3’s and Movies and it worked flawlessly. The spec says it will take up to 32Gb card.
    10. MP3 player, movie player work perfect
    11. It has a whole bunch of other stuff that I don’t use but I suspect they all work well MSN, Google Maps, Games, Youtube, contacts, writing software, Camcorder, Camera, picture galley, photo editing and others

  • ApadUserDude

    Part 2
    I have a friend with an iPad and I borrowed it for the weekend and I have to admit I was impressed with the iPad. It was flashy, it was nice and it is just as I would expect from a quality product from Apple.

    It’s the first time I used the android operating system and it was pretty intuitive. I have listed the things I liked about the devices as far as I could see them. These are uninformed observations and I honestly believe both products are great.

  • ApadUserDude

    Part 1
    I bought a 7” Andriod device from ebay in Australia. My device is a Ginart Product code SP-56 and if you search “SP-56” on and tick “include title and description” you’ll find the device easy enough. The company's web page is at I must say the company was great to deal with, touched base with emails regularly and it arrived from China in the advertised timeframe

    My device is Andriod V1.6, CPU 800Mhz, 128Mhz Ram, 1.3 M Camera and Wifi and it says Model M-002 on the back. It has a nice feel to it and even though it’s cheap it doesn’t feel like a cheap Chinese knock-off and I must say I am very happy with the device. For my requirements I think the Andriod device is great value for money and I would recommend it. I wanted something cheap that I could pre-load HTML technical manuals to take out in the field and occasionally look at word, excel and PDF.

    • Parang Mehta

      Thanks for this review! I too want a device on which I can load PDF books and read them when out of office. Everyone else seems to talk only about the connectivity problems and slow speed of video. Your review was spot on for me.

  • Eric

    Well there is one called Z Pad. Brand Malata, It kills apad, epad, iped, whatever pad. its not copied version of ipad, its got 10" screen, Android 2.2, multi touch, NVIDIA Tegra 2 T20 Dual ARM Cortex-A9(1GHz), Built-in 2G/4G/8G/16G/32G Inand, 512MB/1GB DDR2.
    anyway, check out the website for more details,
    Its cominhg out in september, don't know how much

  • Riki Junaedi

    some say good some say bad ; I am considering to get one ; got confused ? May be I need to see the real thing before considering.

    • roving eagle

      as is true of many products from china one has to study scrutinize and then one gets a true bargai…it means alot of prebuy work but the savings is worth it
      reply from study read then choose well some are super good but you need to choose chooose chooose well

  • David

    It’s all one giant iPod touch, so I’m not spending $500 on a giant iPod so I guess I’d buy the cheaper one

    • sweetlife

      yeah me 2!

  • Renn

    Just buy the iPad your getting A piece of crap at 150 dollars…I bought the iPad it is super fast, has tons of apps and has the famous apple customer service…it’s a no brainer really. Why buy a piece of crap it’s just wasting money.

  • mattgnik

    Battery has little sustainable power, OS doens't allow access through proxy server (useless for schools). Its actually okay, but the power issue is so critical its not worth $30, let alone $300. (10" model). I'm over Chinese junk that doesn't work.

  • Ian Garcia

    It's already sold here in Davao City, Philippines in two variants: a smaller version with camera at PhP 5,000 (around $111) , and a bigger version (same as the original) at PhP 6,300 ($140) and you can still haggle for a hundred or so pesos lower. Available at Chinatown.

    • JJV

      Is it worth it?

    • DeanC

      sir, is it worth it?

      Meron na rin sa wellcom 5K yung 7" and 7K for the 8". OS is Android 2.2.

  • Guest

    With the feedbacks from iped users, it seemed it is a wiser choice to get the ipad..though it does not have a webcam and cost the end of the day, the values are more perhaps..

    • John

      Its not ''wise'' to get either 🙂 get a compromise; advent vega? 10.1'' screen tegra 2 and android 2.2 with all the trimmings. 250 GBP! BARGAIN!


    I cant believe someone is considering the aPed…seriously?
    My 2009 G1 phone is better than that… dont waste your money.
    I rather upgrade my smart phone than waste money on that piece of crap…

    • lovo

      amen! come on it has the same software as my G1 im researching it lol and it does look horrible is there a 600mhz dual core processor?! now im no IT person but from what i understand dual core isnt available yet and… arent those supposed to run at speeds over 1ghz??? i dont trust it if it was under 100 id consider it as a in the meantime type of thing could you mod it? with a cynogen? if you could put 2.2 on here it might be worth it no?

  • bdkko

    Freaky i trıed the aped and it seems at fırst look much better but after all

  • saad

    i have a aped it sucks and i got it brand knew. When ever you try to connect WIFI it freezes and keeps on restarting and you have to touch hard on the screen to let it work. and it loads very slow. I WANT MY MONEY BACK……

  • CAM

    im loving life (nothing to do with this)

    • bekko

      Lol Me To

    • Megha


    • Jay

      Not me @CAM. My life sucks! I envy you (in a nice way) !! But your post perked me up 🙂

  • Rob

    I like charts and graphs so check out the comparison if you want. I think the 10" iPed is a closer fit to the 9.7" Apple iPad, n'est pas?

  • Haz

    Bought one from eBay (10.2″ M16) and wat a piece of CRAP

    CONNECTS TO WIFI BUT NOT THE INTERNET, even if the local locale is changed , there are a few apps still in chinese , touch screen is tempramental , as I paid & $265AUD FOR IT , it’s not even a toy that my 3.5 yr old prefers , ( he still wants daddys IPAD)

    please donot waste your money on these clones.

    Tried and tested , apple is a better product but not the best.


    • jjjj

      you just got ripped man, dont hate

  • Tony

    I`ve just got a Apad 8 inch with Android 1.6, cost $120.00 plus postage. Its a M003 type. The unit isn`t that slow, its got the 533 mhz chip. The touch screen is not that sensitive and scrolling down through menus with a finger is a bit a an effort, but just finger pressing an icon or using a stylus on most things works much better. The Wi fi is fine, logged in in no time at all, the sound and video is good too.
    It has an ebook reader built in. The internet browser is good, in fact most things are probably better than I expected. It is not a bad unit, and for the price is a bargain. I would certainly buy another.

    • Adrian

      where did you buy yours please tell me. I need one for school so I can have my books in one place. I think for a broke college student this product is worth it, rather then buying all my textbooks. e-mail me @ Please.

    • kim

      I am considering one for my 8 year old son who mostly wants to play games and read books… thoughts?

    • rosi

      Hi toni,
      Where I can buy it? I am in indonesia.
      Thx for ur info

  • Well, I'm a Chinese and days ago happened to get access to an iPed, well, more precisely, an upgraded, or 2G iPed prototype
    It's funny on that:
    1) Upgraded to Android 2.2
    2) FM receiver and transmitter
    3) 802.11n WIFI model
    4) A place-holder for GPS…. not very certain… may not appear in final product to cost controll.
    5) still no camera
    And the price is… $175, or !¥1200 China RMB
    However, it's tardy and sloppy, but it pay for the price

  • armi alcances

    im here in the philippines where can i buy ipad here? anyone hu knows a supplier or a store u sell ipad already..
    pls email me or call me at 09279678169
    mimi alcances

    • infomax

      original ipad can purchase in infomax store @ 5ft floor in SM North Edsa, Q.C.

    • joel

      Hi Armi, If you are looking for the real i-pad..they are now available at SM Malls, Try SM North. But if you are looking for the clone (A-pad)…. try to go to 168 Mall located at Divisoria, Manila…… there are tons of a-pad & china gadgets there you can chose from.

      • lhet

        how much is the price of real i pad..may i know ?so that i have an idea..thanx

    • franz

      bro I'm based here in Manila Just give me an update once you bought an apad, just about the performance Coz I'm planning to buy one But I dont have any Idea where and what to buy. My email thank it would be a great help

  • aad

    *cough* seller

  • Allen

    for those of you wanting a nice device that support Android, I'd suggest Smart V7.
    At least it has 256 DDRII ram, a very nice product support and produced by an official business. I can see that they have a team upgrading and optimizing android for V7 and upgrading is easy as.

    I am not a big fan of those so-called clone products in china, none of them actually come with any warranty at all and they are just made in dody factories with no official business names. what happens if they give you recycled batteries/ LCD screens? do you think the seller on Ebay will care if your device breaks down in 2 month? hece I suggest Smart V7.

    I have purchased mine through since I am located in Australia and these guys are near me. I will post more reviews once I got a good play with it.

    • Bob

      How is the wifi signal on this thing ? easy to connect ? or keeps loosing the signal ? Please post the review vdo on youtube for other to see. Thank you.

    • dixie

      sounds like youre promoting it douche bag.

  • tom

    If you google apad there is now a 1ghz version running android 2.2 and has a 10.2" screen.. Humm it might not be a ipad but at $300 compared to $500 i don't care.

  • cliff

    you will get what you pay, buy real android os tablet on

    • cs-student

      Cliff- it looks like the Android Tablet at the site you gave is also an Apad. The information is about halfway down the page.

      “Specifications: Hardware specifications for the Rockchip based Apad iRobot Android Tablet, Batch 2”

      Thanks for the link, though. 🙂

  • Dan – Novi, MI

    Bought for $112 today, from Compared to the price of Ipad, it was a no-brainer for this cheapskate. Will update with review in about a week.

    • Mark Wulfers

      Hello Dan,

      I live in Canton Mi and am consider buying one of these units. From what you say you would recommend this unit?

  • Anne

    Bought one from,Later will launch the android 2.2 system

  • NerdinChina

    I know this may be late, but I just played with the iPed today. Crap. VERY SLOW, got rather hot in minutes and had a lot of problems connecting to wifi that the seller claimed it was just connected to minutes go. I had talked the guy down to $150 from his asking price of $200, but I really wouldn't spend too much for it.

    • Joshua

      dude you got ripped off! I picked this up for $85….

    • saku

      how do u rate it out 10? should i buy?

  • sdg

    128MB ram = fail

    • kris

      loll dude, ts a tablet pc, its not ment for gaming, it can still go to youtube, do general surfing and everything!

    • John

      128mb? The article I read says 1gb.

    • trekman

      it has 256MB ram now my friend! =)

  • Lee

    Needs to support 2.2 Android before I'd even dare consider it.


    • smoinuddin1110

      it can be upgraded! easily

    • DenverWill

      I just bought 2 of these. $126.99/ea
      Android 2.2
      256mb Ram
      4Gbyte Storage (2Gbyte internal + 2Gbyte MicroSD)
      Wireless 802.11N/G
      HDMI Output (was only supposed to be 720P but came as the 1080P model!!)

      Note, I Broke 2 Ipad's before I gave up on them. Simply too fragile for me…
      The APAD does not have as nice a screen, but the Screen is covered with a Clear Epoxy and is basically indestructible… Touch screen is not as sensitive, but frankly for me it is not an issue. I can work through all the menu's much easier on this than my Samsung Droid Phone. Typing is easy, My Gmail works Awesome, browsing is MUCH faster than my phone…
      I can buy 4 of these for the price of One Ipad…
      I Love my Apad!!!

      • trina lastimoso

        hi.. where did u buy it and how much?

    • Trekman

      well, it now supports 2.2 anroid so start considering my friend! =)