WWDC 2010: New iPhone 4G, MacBook Air, and?

By Peter Chubb - May 31, 2010

With just over seven days to go until the event of the year, we would like to know what your last minute wish list was before WWDC 2010? There are two things that I would like to see Steve Jobs announce – the first is the new iPhone 4G and the second is an update to the almost one-year old MacBook Air.

There are other things that I would like to see come from the Worldwide Developers Conference – such as that announcement of the $99 Apple TV with its new iPhone 4.0 OS, which we discussed in more detail in a previous post. Speaking of iPhone OS 4.0, we can expect Steve Jobs and his team to discuss more of those 100 new features during the event and hopefully announce a release date for when it is available for download.

WWDC 2010 is normally an event when Apple CEO Jobs takes to the stage and delivers a keynote; bigging up how well his company has done during the previous quarter, followed by the announcement of a new generation of iPhone. Normally we would have no idea as to its design – but this year is very different thanks to Gizmodo.

There are those who still do not believe that the leaked images of the prototype new 2010 iPhone are real and that we have yet to see the true photos of the new iPhone 4G, HD, Pro or whatever it will be called.

So let us recap on what we can expect from WWDC 2010: Fourth-generation iPhone, iPhone OS 4.0, new MacBook Air and cheaper Apple TV with new software.

What is your wish list for the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference?

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  • miguel

    Fingers crossed for upgrade on MBA: iPad not good enough for productivity

  • brendon

    My wish is to see the look on Jobs’ face when he finds out Google dropped Froyo right in the middle of his little conference

  • Rick Thompson

    I'd like a softer ball sack.

  • Black

    I would like to see more memory on the new iphone, atleast 64gb. Video iChat that runs off 3G or 4G not wifi.

  • os 4.0 is going to be released on 7 june cuz on itunes it says "Your iPhone software is up to date. iTunes will automatically check for another update on 07/06/2010."!!!

  • didj

    Subscription free mobile me service.


    A check from steve jobs cause the I pad was my idea hahahaha stupid Microsoft

  • NyukNyukNyuk

    Homina homina homina…

  • i hope that the new iphone 4g will be chaeper and i hope ipod touch users dont have to pay for the new software! i still cant wait though!

  • fgdnh

    ipod touch 4g mine broke and waiting for new version to be released