New Sunscreen Labels: Four-star UVA Rating System Confusing

For those hoping that the FDA will launch the new sunscreen labels before the summer- then we are sorry to inform you that it will not be in place until October. The Food and Drug Administration believes that the new Four-star UVA Rating System will make us more aware of how much protection our sunscreens offer us, but those opposed to the new labeling system believes that it will be more confusing.

It is no secret that the current system is confusing and that we never know how long we can stay in the sun for before the suns UVA rays begin to harm us. According to an article in Associated Press, most sunscreen labels tell us that they offer great UVA and UVB protection.

We know that there is a standard for UVB; this is more commonly known as the SPF rating – which advises you how much protection your product is offering. Currently there is no such system for UVA. This is why the FDA and cancer groups have been lobbying for the new labeling system.

The four-star UVA rating system that is expected in October will consist of low, medium, high and highest – one star is low with four-star being highest. For more details on this and tips on how you should apply sunscreen and tips on how long to stay in the sun, visit the source link above.



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