HTC EVO 4G: Best Smartphone until new iPhone 2010

By Peter Chubb - May 31, 2010

With only days to go until the release of the HTC EVO 4G we can’t help but notice that its success will be short lived. The HTC Incredible is currently the best Android handset on the market, but the EVO is thought to become the best smartphone in the world.

However, this reign will not last for long once Apple announce the launch of its new iPhone at WWDC 2010 – well this is what Larry Magid from Mercury News believes. He states that the HTC EVO 4G is the best handset that he has ever used after testing it for more than a week – even more so than the current iPhone 3GS.

The HTC EVO 4G will be released by Sprint on June 4 and will come with the current Android 2.1 OS. For those who believe that the EVO is an awesome phone now just wait until it receives its Google Android 2.2 FroYo update later this year.

The latest handset coming to Sprint comes with two cameras, an 8-megapixel one on the rear and a front-facing one for video chat. However, let us not forget what makes the HTC EVO 4G so special – it will be the first full 4G capable smartphone. Do not worry if Sprint does not offer 4G coverage in your area, as the EVO is also capable of a 3G data connection.

Do you believe that the HTC EVO 4G will be the best Smartphone on the market, and do you believe that the new iPhone 4G will best it?

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  • James

    Why do you think Apple sued HTC? Because they knew that the Evo was going to be a superior phone, especially when it was backed by Andorid and worked on a 4G platform. We all know Apple won't be able to drop its exclusivity with ATT until 2012 and that ATT won't have a working 4G platform until 2012.

    I take my hat off to HTC and Sprint. It was about time wasn't it.

  • Jak

    To answer the question is the HTC EVO going to be the best smart phone ever…hard to say. What are you looking for in a phone? Seems like the EVO has it all, at least from where i sit. I am a Sprint fan and have had Sprint for 11 years. The extra 10$ i will pay for my plan will still have me paying less then VZN or ATT and if i do pay the extra 30$ for hot spot then i can cancel my 55$ a month mobile wireless card. If your keeping track thats a 15$ savings so far with the added convience of being able to run up to 8 devices at once(even though i'll never need more then 3 at once). For all the people that are on Verizon and At&t they also have great phones with new arivals like the incredible and the soon to stores new i phone. I am glad i have sprint and get to be one of the first to get 4g service (living in las vegas) and always good rates in comparison, but for all who are on other networks wait a few months and the latest and greatest will be coming just around the corner

  • TheDude

    So far, with the specs for the evo, and the expected specs for the next iphone, i would say the evo will be the best smartphone on the planet until some other android device bests it. It seems to top the iphones, and everything else currently out there by a fair margin. That will only last so long though. Soon enough there will be phones with much better processors, that add 1080p video, higher resolution screens, better battery life, up to 1 gbps downloads (apparently the theoretical max for wimax) up to 2 tb sdxc cards, glasses with displays built in, maybe nano projectors with something like the project natal technology, maybe based on omek international's sdk? The possibilities of where the technology could go in a few short years are astounding! But, batteries still have a long way to go lol

  • zjb2000

    I believe the EVO will rock the new iphones world! os4 is just too lame from what i saw, you can use folders now!!! wow!!! come on get serious! and multitasking on os4 is not true multitasking. i'm tired of apple screwing me in the rear. bye iphone 3gs and at&t and hello EVO and sprint!!!

  • Jackie

    I believe the EVO will be the best smartphone on the market on release date and, if the specs on the iPhone are as many sources have predicted, the EVO will continue to be the best even after the new iPhone is released. Now the iPhone might sell better because of its huge fan base, but that doesn't mean it will be better.

  • Jacob W

    I don’t think it’ll be as good as the iPhone 3GS. Let alone the iPhone 4G easily soaring past it.

    • Marko

      People I know who have jumped on the Apple bandwagon are slowly over time trading their iPhones for Droids. I guess because AT&T just can’t do what they promised. So Droid has the upper hand until Apple decides that AT&T won’t work for them. Of course if you like paying more for your service, stick with AT&T, your call.

  • Chris

    How I see it is that each phone depends on the person. Each has it's own strength and shortfalls. Each users will have to decide which is right for them. iPhone will not just drop and die but with the Android coming stronger, it gives the end users more options.

  • Bubba

    I learned my lesson after buying the Palm Pre. Never again will I be the first one "on board" and then watch the price drop so far south less than a year later. (I paid $300 only to see it fall to $100). The EVO sounds great but I read that some of the programs run in the background (which reminds me of my first Windows smart phone) and that the battery won't get through an 8 hour day if I use any features other than the phone. Sprint has a lot of gall charging customers a 4G rate plan when there is no 4G coverage (nor any even planed) in my area. I have a buddy who used my Pre more than I did and then when he went to buy a new phone he bought the HTC Hero. It seems the EVO is going to be nicer than the Hero but again, I'm not going to be the "first one on the block". I'm waiting even though I qualify for a new phone with full upgrade privileges.

  • Chris

    the iPhone 4 having been leaked for a while now does not appear to offer anything in hardware or in the iPhone 4.0 OS that will best this device. the only thing that could prove promising for the iPhone over the Evo is a possible release on Verizon, or as recent rumors have suggested, a June launch on Sprint.

  • Killer Ant

    I honestly do believe the EVO will be the best smartphone in the world. Android is taking over the phone industry and surpassing Apple. All Apple is known for is apps and that's because they had such a head start but Android has made so much progress in the last year. I'm sure Steve Jobs will be announcing many of the same features that are already available on many other phones including the EVO, however, because its never been seen on the iPhone, Apple followers will think its the greatest thing in the world.