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UFC Undisputed 2010: User Reviews and Your Impressions / Thoughts

Yesterday saw the official release date for UFC Undisputed 2010, and after playing around with the demo for sometime the day is finally upon us where we can become a real UFC hero.

Critic’s reviews for the game have been too and fro, with an average score of about 8/10, this score is the same as the result of metacritic’s user review poll, therefore seems to be a fair representation.

I have played the proper release on the PS3 and I was very impressed, despite only playing the exhibition I really didn’t find one flaw with the game. I enjoy the quick action it offers along with tactical grappling and submission system.

Previously I have played a lot of Fight Night Round 4, and although you can’t directly compare the two, I feel that Fight Night’s long fights can be a bit boring after a while (especially when socializing with friends), whereas there is a good chance a UFC battle will be over within a few minutes.

Have you picked up UFC Undisputed 2010? What are your thoughts on the overall game?

Source: Eurogamer


  • The Saint

    I’ve only played against the CPU and I’ve had around 200 matches. I’ve only managed to score ONE submission although I’ve been submitted a few times by the CPU and in quick fashion when they occured. Submissions against the CPU are nearly impossible to pull off. Also, the clinch game is a bit of a mystery and the game doesn’t do a good job, actually it does a horrible job of explaining the intricacies of the clinching. When I’m unable to perform a throw or takedown I can’t figure out if it’s because I’m doing something wrong or if my fighter does not have the moveset to perform certain throws from certain clinch situations, or if my opponent is preventing me from doing so. It’s not the game’s fault, it’s the lack of any detailed explanation. The same thing goes for the ground game. The simple act of “posturing up” is a mystery to me. Sometimes I’m able to do it, sometimes I’m not. The game manual and in-game tutorial tells you that the left analog stick is used to posture up,a and that’s it. The LS by the way, is also used to control your opponent on the ground as in pushing him towards the cage or wherever. So what are you supposed to do to posture up? Wiggle the left analog stick? Again, not the game’s fault but the poor explanation. Half the time I find myself furiously wiggling the sticks hoping that my desired result happens. I don’t know if my failures are the result of poor technique, wrong input motions with the analog stick, lack of attribute ratings for my fighter or my opponent preventing me from doing what i want. The game is great and is significantly better than last years. It is without a doubt the most realistic fighting game on the market, but I just wish the developers put more effort towards explaining the nuances of the mechanics.


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