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New iPhone 2010: Verizon no show at WWDC

There are two questions that we hope to see answered at WWDC 2010, when will Apple launch its new iPhone and will it be available on Verizon Wireless? We are almost certain that Steve Jobs will unveil the new iPhone, which has been dubbed 4G, as it is the fourth-generation Apple smartphone. But do not expect the CEO to announce the release of a Verizon version at the event.

We know that Apple and AT&T have extended their exclusivity agreement – most likely until the end of the year, but we have heard reports that we could see a Big Red version in September. However, there is no more proof of this since WSJ broke the story a couple of months back.

Jobs will have a hard time telling the world of the new design and features of the next iPhone – this has something to do with a recent iPhone prototype appearing on Gizmodo. Suzanne Choney from MSNBC points out a great statement from Gene Munster, an Apple analyst from of Piper Jaffray, saying that Steve Jobs has “little room for surprise at WWDC. However, we are certain that Jobs still has a surprise or two waiting – but do not be fooled into thinking that this will be a Verizon iPhone.

Katy Huberty, an analyst for Morgan Stanley expects that the iPhone will only come to Verizon once they have their 4G LTE in place – this should be much sooner than AT&T. This will not happen until 2011 at least.


  • RKM

    Your Nexus One was rejected by the American consumer, by Verizon, and by Sprint. It’s Google’s beta test platform for poor T-Mobile users because everyone else wants HTC Sense rather than use Android’s ugly interface.

  • Tachyon

    While Jobs continues to be a controlling dick with such genius moves as no Flash, and sticking the iPhone to AT&T's shite network, Android is closing fast. Google is making the right moves. Apple is screwing themselves and customers.
    Now that I have a Nexus One, I'll never look back at Apple's inferior products and service.


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