Google’s Top 1000 Websites: Facebook Named As Most Visited

By Jamie Pert - May 29, 2010

In a list that was released today by Google, it is no surprise that the most visited website is social networking giant Facebook. How many of you open up your favorite browser and immediately type “f” in the address bar just to check out what is going on in you and your friends world?

Facebook tops the rankings with a magnificent 540 million unique visitors and 570 billion total page views, which gives them a 35.2% share of the internet population. Quite staggering numbers. Other websites further down the list include Yahoo! In at #2. in at number #3 and Wikipedia at #4.

Twitter is #18 on the list, behind and who come in at #10 and #14 respectively. Amazon (#22), Windows (#23), Ebay (#24), MySpace (#26) and Apple (#27) make up the vast majority of the 20-somethings while Hotmail is at (#30).

The entire list from #1-#1000 can be seen via the Google Stats page here.

Are you surprised about any of the entries? Check the list and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Google

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