Google Officially Acquire Mobile Advertising Company Admob

By Jamie Pert - May 29, 2010

Google have finally got their finding fingers on mobile ad company Admob, after the company was bought by Google at the tail end of last year for $750 million, although it didn’t come without setbacks.

The deal was originally put on hold after the federal government were concerned that the acquisition would give the search giant too much of a Monopoly in the mobile advertising market. But after the tug of war ended between Google and Apple for the purchase of Admob, Apple decided to launch it’s own brand called the iAd on iPhone OS 4.0, which could be the ideal competitor for Google’s new acquisition.

The Federal Trade Commission agreed that Google no longer could hold too much power in the market, and decided to let it go with Google very hasty on wrapping up the deal.

Google Blog reveals that even with the popularization of apps on smartphones and phones, mobile search is still an important part of their ambitions as a company. Mobile search volumes have increased fivefold over a two year period, and continues to grow.

Source: IntoMobile via Google Blog

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    wow… but i prefer to use mobgold