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Xbox 360’s Project Natal is called ‘Wave’ – Rumor

Whether this is good news or bad news, we’re not too sure. We have heard reports that Microsoft are planning to announce the final name for Project Natal as ‘Wave’ on the Xbox 360.

The news is according to this report from Nowgamer, who have obtained their info via a source ‘close to Microsoft’. The company are expected to announce the name change at their E3 press conference in June.

Has it sunk in yet? Wave on the Xbox 360 – does it have a nice ring to it or not? Personally, I prefer Natal. Don’t ask me why, but Wave just sounds too simple and crappy.

It is funny how Sony’s logo for Playstation Move looks more like a wave motion than anything else – what do you think?

Hopefully we can update you on this soon. Don’t forget, it is still a rumor at the moment.


  • With Playstations Move you could probably make an educated guess as to what it is, but with Wave… that's just ridiculous! Did they run out of legal names they could actually use for a product and ended up with Wave. Sounds more like a surf game! I'd like to know how much the person gets paid who comes up with this stuff. I'd happily take a lower wage to do the same job


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