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Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer: New Playlists on Memorial Day

Rockstar would never have guessed that they would launch a game that has more popularity that its Grand Theft Auto series, but this looks to be the case with Red Dead Redemption. The game is a lot like GTA where you have certain tasks to do but in a different setting – the Wild West.

Gamers have been enjoying what content they have, but Rockstar aims to launch new Multiplayer playlists on Memorial Day – that’s Monday, May 31. This new content will be available for when you get involved in a competitive shootout.

The new playlists will be to the death and will take place in a number of towns – these include: Armadillo, Chuparosa, Hennigan’s Stead and Tumbleweed. You best prepare yourself as the action in these new playlist can certainly get intense – that’s according to Dustin from MMOMFG.

This proves that an awesome game can get even better, let us hope that this is the first of many new DLC updates for Red Dead Redemption. See there is a reason to celebrate Memorial Day after all.



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