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Ovulation Calendar: New iPad Apps

A new version of Ovulation Calendar app has just been announced which now offers support for the iPad. Renamed “Days” for the iPad version, the ovulation calendar application helps users determine their fertile days of the month. Great if you want to achieve or even avoid pregnancy.

Released by Florida based Dynadel the app maintains a list of user’s symptoms during their monthly cycle, and has a BBT and weight chart. The app is based on the original which is available for owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The calendar predicts future ovulations and menstrual cycles based on the date of a user’s period. It estimates the gender of a user’s baby using the Shettles method and predicts the best time to get pregnant. Other features include password protection, consistency checking, and exportable reports.

A day (Ovulation Calendar) 1.0 is on the App Store for only $4.99. Requires iPad with OS 3.2 or later.



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