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HTC EVO 4G: Hidden Costs for Video Chat

We have some important news for everyone planning to pick up the HTC EVO 4G handset from Sprint on June 4th, as it looks like you’ll need to pay an extra fee per month to make use of video chat features.

As reported from Android Guys, a screenshot of some Sprint training materials has been leaked, and reveals that customers who want video chat will have to pay an extra $4.99 per month, on top of the other fees.

That means that the $10 extra fee for 4G services does not include video calling, and furthermore, the $4.99 has to be paid directly to QIK via PayPal.

Does this mean that Sprint has nothing to do with this extra payment for their customers? Either way, that is $5 per month that Sprint customers shouldn’t really have to pay.

We’ll bring you more details on this soon – give us your reaction to the news. Would you still pay $4.99 for video chat?


  • Brian Steck

    No, I wouldn't pay for that. I'm also not a fan of Sprint & HTC advertising their 8-way hotspot, then charging $30 per month for it.

  • soontobexsprint

    It costs $29/mo to activate the Hotspot feature. None of the extra charges are advertised by Sprint, and this is wrong.

  • finito

    Yeh, the htc evo..i own it. i’ve experced almost every phone on the market worth playing with. This phone is unreal. And the fees this article is talking about is a bunch of “bs”. With sprint you get unlimited everything, and tag on $10 more bc of 4g. Thats it… the video chat is NOT extra. Buy the EVO, u will be amazed at what it can do and actually does.

  • Dan

    Do your research, no extra charge.

  • genie

    duh! you don't think sprint is getting an income from qik? especially if free services are available elsewhere which would increase the value of the evo. think folks think, follow the money.

  • tech


  • Kinglywarrior

    Are you all REALLY that pissed about $4.99? Or even the $14.99 for both 4G and video chat? You do know that still TONS less than the plan needed on At&T or Verizon, and that Verizon and AT&T both CAP THEIR DATA. This charge is not from Sprint, but I doubt QIK is just going to give their service away.

    Stop overreacting.

  • SprintUser

    Everyone complaining is literally retarded. Even with the extra $10 for the 4G and the $29.99 for Wifi tethering ( which I'm sure we'll be able to do for free given some time ) you're still saving $20-30 over a comparitive AT&T or Verizon plan. Not to mention it's getting the Froyo 2.2 update with Flash 10.1 and Apps to SD… oh, and most of the iPhone developers are porting their apps to the Android platform so… yeah. Have fun hating Sprint while me and thousands of other customers will be happily enjoying the best, most feature full phone ever released.

    Bunch of crybabies…

  • Mack

    Ok, now as far as Qik goes, you have an optimized version installed on the EVO phone and it is believed to be a premium video chat service, so Qik can charge a premium if they want to. No one is forcing this on anyone and that does not mean you can't video chat on the EVO for free. You can by selecting a free video chat app from the Android market instead. To name two of them, Skype and Fring.

    In case you noticed, I don't like misconceptions.

  • Mack

    Now that I got that out of the way, an $80 Sprint plan for the EVO is still $20 cheaper than the most comparable ATT and Verizon plan with GPS that Sprint includes. That's as fair of a comparison as it gets. Sprint still gives you "any mobile" both to and from, on top of mobile to mobile, longer and unlimited night and weekends, 4G where applies with the most speed capable network and cell device to date and it's backed by the 2nd largest and arguably most consistent 3G network right now. Completely justified even in the case of an existing Sprint customer on the same plan who is not getting 4G within the next year because this phone is still the most capable 3G data phone to date and Sprint probably loses money on it's much cheaper "uncapped" data plans as is.

  • Mack

    Again this is a Qik service charge, not Sprint but as usual the internet will twist this into greedy Sprint charging first a $10 fee and now $5 for this. I am going to reiterate that the $10 is a good price for real unlimted data for both 3G and 4G. It is a combo of services you cannot get anywhere else on a cell device and if you could they would probably charge you that $10 fee just the same. The one who comes the closest still limits you once you exceed 5GB and I don't believe it applies to cellular data plans, only mobile ones. This is not the case with Sprint.


    How can you blame Sprint for charges by a 3rd party for an App. Does that make YOUR Company liable for any fees I may pay to advertisers on your website? I see Sprint is one of them so isn't this really a charge by PR News. Alan Ng needs to get his head out of his @ss. Does NG stand for "No Good" at reporting?!

  • Brett

    Sprint is not charging any additional fees for video chat. Do some research before you make false accusations

  • Elmo Glick

    Another ignorant Sprint basher. The fee is the cost for using a 3rd party app and has absolutely nothing to do with Sprint. If you think it is unfair for QIK to charge a fee for its program, you should be complaining to QIK. Sheesh.

  • PeskyFacts

    500 Min Any Mobile Anytime = 69.99 + 10 for Evo = 79.99 total at Sprint which includes Web, email, GPS, Sprint TV, etc

    Comparable @ Verizon = 69.99 for unlimited talk + 20 for unlimited Text + 30 for Unlimited Web and personal email(extra 15 for business) = 119.99 minimum to even come close to Sprint's package

    Comparable @ ATT = 69.99 for unlimited talk + 50 for unlimited text and Web for PDA/Smartphone device = 119.99 minimum to even come close to Sprint's package

    Sprint hasn't even come close to nickel and diming you for anything. If you honestly evaluate the value then you can see that Sprint is hands down the only logically and fiscally prudent choice.

    • Darke Retribution

      You're wrong about your facts buddy. For $59.99 you get unlimited text and 450 anytime talk minutes with verizon. That includes free mobile to mobile. The Data plan is $29.99 on top of that which is a total of $89.99. Not $119.99.

      Compare that to Sprints $69.99 for anytime mobile + $10 for 4G which totals $79.99.

      Now that is not factoring in Verizons superior 3G and Talk nationwide coverage. Verizon phones RARELY drop calls…I've been using them for years all around the country and have yet to have more than one… Not to mention Verizons star quality is in its warranty that comes with new phones and new contracts allowing you to get new phones if anything happens to yours or its lost or stolen…AND If in the event you use this twice in a 30 day period they will give you a brand new phone or equal features even if its more expensive and newer. FREE…sorry but don't make Sprint look like the cheapest because the only thing that's cheap about it is its lacking 4G coverage and its horrible nationwide voice coverage.

      • Mike from NM

        Sprint is cheap because it lacks a 4G network? Are you serious? Where is Verizon's? Sprint does have a 4G network and it is a matter of time until it is integrated. Thanks to the HTC EVO, Sprint has a phone with superior micro-processing capabilities (1 Gigahertz Snapdragon) that can work on a 4G network. I have been with Sprint for almost 7 years and have had few if any problems with their service or dropped calls. Additionally, I have 4 phones, with unlimited calling, unlimited data plan, unlimited texting, and insurance. I pay a total of $185 per month after taxes and everything is said and done. I do agree with you that Verizon does have better coverage (in general), but my friends who have Verizon even confess they pay more for their service with Verizon because they feel they are getting better coverage.

  • qikster

    Everyone expects all these enhancements and the device itself to stay flat priced while the cost to make and stay ahead cost more. Like with any "newer" product that costs go up. You don't into a car dealership expecting your car not to have air bags yet you walk out with a much more expensive car and payment than you had before with no screaming and yelling about it. Lets think about what you actually spend $5 a month on and I bet you can find one thing you don't need any more that could cover this cost. Video mobile chat hasn't been available mainstream really on any device and everyone is complaining about a service they've never had before and never even used. What if you hate then it won't matter., no one is forcing you to purchase qik, check your phone now does it have video chat, no and i suspect you've been doing just fine without it.

  • John Beck

    I believe skype is available too and that service is free. Everyone needs to calm down and stop with the silly excuses why Sprint has gone too far. Figure out what your talking about before you blame the carrier for all your problems. You've never had mobile video chat before and now before you've even had a chance to use it you are crying about it. Grow up I say and skip McDonalds or that pack of smokes one day out of the month and your $5 is recovered…Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!

  • CzechM8

    This is the doing of Qik, not Sprint. There are free, worthy alternatives. No, I’m not talking about bloaty, ad-riddled crap-ware. Check out and see the “1st free video chat app” for Android. Free.

  • ande1416

    Does anyone think before they write a friggin’ article? Yes third parties can charge for the use of their apps on Sprint, Verizon, AT&T or any other provider. Are you really that ignorant of how people earn money when they write applications? If you don’t like an app, go find another that is in your price range or better yet, write one. Either way stop whining.

    BTW – as an editorial note, have someone with common sense review your stuff before you publish it.

  • YAY Video Chat App

    Some seem to overlook the standard application charges………….there are free aps, and then there are ones you pay for. Why would a video chat app be any different than other apps? You have a store of apps to pick and choose from. You can decide if $4.99 is right for you for that specific app or not … just like any other!! I, personally, can not wait, although I will wait until 4G coverage is solid, as someone mentioned. Once Sprint has 4G, me and my family would spend twice that app cost to be able to video chat with our kiddos anytime, anywhere!!! So excited, this is a techology advancement worth waiting for!!! (and paying for)!

  • Tony C.

    I still want this bad ass phone!

  • Darrin

    Why are you looking at Sprint for a fee Qik charges? You can run Qik on any Android device from any carrier. You can probably run it on you iphone too. You create your account on your PC and can upload from you video camera. NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EVO or Sprint. Give me a break! Greatest phone ever. No matter how you slice it, it is still cheaper monthly than any of the competition that doesn't hold a candle to it. Enjoy the device and stop trying to shoot down the carrier.

    • arthdex

      THANK YOU Darrin!
      It's mind-boggling to see how EVERYONE shuts-down Sprint, when they have THE BEST plans out there and offer WAY more even with the extra $10 bux additional to your plan. The total still comes way cheaper than others with better features, such as free mobile-to-mobile calling in the US. Any mobile. Uhm, 7PM calling? Who offers that? Nobody but Sprint. I mean, I barely use my anytime minutes.

      And now, data. Data is still unlimited in Sprint (hopefully that lasts a while).

  • Jorge

    No it's not… This has only been stated hundreds of times now on virtually every website. People like you should stop posting unless your 100% certain you know what your talking about. It's an unreasonable and stupid fee by Sprint, but it's not for 4G.

  • Zoner

    There’s already a free video chat app for the Evo, its called Fring. Goodluck Qik with charging ppl lol

  • @redmans:

    yea I agree with you. O and let’s not forget 30 more bucks for the wireless hotspot. 5 for video chat, and 10 bucks for no reason if you don’t live in a 4g city. I’m a very techy guy and I was really crazy about the evo. But sprint is really starting to turn me off. As much as I hate iTunes and AT&T, sprint is really making them look a lot better in comparison.

    I wonder what about people who already have the simply eerything plan for 99 buck. I wonder if they will have to pay the extra 10

    • John Beck

      So you shouldn't have pay the $10 for 4G service, what if you leave the state you are in and land in a 4G market should you get it for free because your home state or city doesn't have the service yet? How about we just give everything to you for free would that be easier. If the phone were only a 3G phone would you still want it or is everyone just arguing because a new more costly service should be swallowed by the carrier. How about the next time you go to buy a new car that has advanced features on it you tell them you want the 1990 version because you don't want to pay for all the new stuff? Really people what do you expect.

    • qikster

      They do.

  • Terrence


    • Proud_Mommy

      I thought about getting the HTC HD2 but I've got the T-mobile dash 3g and windows mobile it sucks!! Then i saw this phone and I'm in love with Android and I'll be switching to Sprint just to get this phone. As far as the fees I don't mind too much. The video chat feature i don't plan to use, and I'm going to be added to my mom's account so i'll only be paying like $50 bucks unless sprint comes up with more fees. If you've never had windows mobile phone I suggest you play with one that does for a while and see how you like it. It really slows your phone down.

    • nuttymac

      Um T-Mobile is having software issues, that are lagging the functions of this phone from cheetah speed to a snails craw with the HD2 which has some to believe the reason to Amazon selling the phone for…$99 plus 2yr contract of course.

  • steb0ne

    How is Sprint going “too”(?) far, if Qik is charging the $5?

  • Paul

    Obviously from the sound of it, it’s not Sprint’s fault. It’s likely due to Qik’s rising popularity, the fees go straight to Qik NOT Sprint. I personally don’t care… that kind of sucks but I’ll still enjoy my EVO nonetheless. I personally won’t be using the video chat function as I have in reality no need for this feature. I do like to shoot videos so as long as it has that, that’s great. There will be other apps for video chat.

    • I have come to realize it is not Sprints fault But Qik is really dropping the ball. Lol I was so angry I posted the same thing twice and actually worded differently.

  • The news just keeps getting worse and worse for this phone… I was excited and anticipating it’s release. I even reserved it at best buy for $50 but looks like I might have to wait to see what apple does with the iPhone 4G. Thanx SPRINT!

    • Dr. Evil Genius

      …this isn’t Sprint’s doing. You will be able to use the other videochat services for free when they hit the Android Market.

    • TellTheTruthApple

      The iPhone 4G is merely the 4th Generation iPhone from Apple, it will NOT run on a 4G network, it will still be a 3G phone. They are capitalizing on this confusion of terms so be careful!

    • stacie

      I went and played with the phone at sprint yesterday for about an hour. I asked lots of questions and the phone is totoally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was going to upgrade yesterday but they sold over 70 phones in two days and I have to wait til tommorow Monday to get it. It was sold out in all surrounding areas. There is a ten dollar charge for 4g service. There are not any other charges including video chat. The phone is unbeliveable cant wait to get my hands on it. I have had the Htc touch pro and am currently using the Htc touch pro 2 which I love. I have been a sprint coustomer for eleven years and I love sprint wouldnt leave. Like the Iphone but look at all the extra charges! Good luck with the phone you are makeing a good desicion.

  • ronald h

    not too sure if i should switch to sprint, i put down my $50 deposit for this phone. i hope its worth it

    • Dr. Evil Genius

      Don’t worry. There will be other applications that will offer videochat services for free. Qik are the ones that screwed themselves. They are charging for a service no one else will.

  • Proud_Mommy

    I wouldn't pay the extra $5 bucks. I mean it's pointless if there is said to be hardly any 4g coverage in most of the US why pay for video chat that most likely would be choppy and slow due to slow speeds. I think having to pay for this feature outside of the sprint bill is stupid.

  • Informed

    Sprint is not charging anything, the "video-chat feature" is free, the Qik app appears to have a fee. Other apps such as Fring are free to use.

  • MovD

    Its not Sprint thats charging for video chat… its Qik. Why should Sprint bare the cost of your use of Qik's service.

    Wait for sometime and you may get 10s of free video chat apps from android market.

    • Sb Kane

      Sprint and Qik agreed to work in partnership so if it is all well planned they should know that customers cannot pay extra $$$ on top of an already expensive plan (+$10 per month for 4g?-4g doesnot even exist except in a couple of cities…) ridiculous.

      This is the breaking the camel's back- so if real….I am about to return this phone…..

  • needstogetoff4chan

    ah someone will come out with a free version..

  • Darbie

    is this 10$ a month for the 4g???

  • StupidSprint

    And we thought … "No way can Sprint blow another launch…"

  • Sprint Has Gone to Fucking Far!

  • Now Sprint is going to fucking far!

    • Still getting it

      This is not a sprint charge but Qik is charging for its services. and Qik is not required to be used on the phone. There are other software solutions coming around the corner that are in development. i cant comment on it anymore than that as we are still in dev with new hardware. (cough…check XDA…cough)

    • Jon

      upuh-leeze. A better phone than the iphone (yeah, I said it) with video chat, tv, radio, nav, work and personal email and unlimited text and hotspot for up to eight devices, free mobile calling, and upgrade your phone every year in most cases, ALL FOR $5 LESS PER MONTH THAN AN IPHONE! Take away the hot spot and video chat and save $40 a month. Oh, and the network works, no fishing for wi-fi in times square. AND you can make calls without dropping them all over the place. It’s a no brainer. Qik wants five bucks. Take it or leave it, they’re in business to make money, and this is the first service avaialable ever. If that upsets you, get a hero and pay $69.

    • evo schmevo

      I have an evo pre order and day after day I get closer to canceling it.

    • MichaelG

      Too far? Do you also say Dell is going too far if Micro$oft charges you to use M$ Office? QIK is an application that can run on the platform. They charge for that feature of their application.

    • MattL

      It has nothing to do with Sprint, but Qik… and Qik can charge whatever they want for such a service. I'd be surprised if we don't see comparable Android apps come out though, Skype has even hinted that it will be putting out an Android app for all Android devices later this year.


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