HTC EVO 4G: Free Sprint Mobile Hotspot

By Peter Chubb - May 28, 2010

With just a week to go until the launch of the HTC EVO 4G, Sprint have offered their Launch Guide so that we can learn more from the new device. This latest Android handset has a little surprise for consumers – free mobile hotspot for a month.

This is a fantastic loophole, one that goes in consumer’s favor for a change. This feature allows your handset to become a WiMax hotspot for up to 8 devices, but you will need to use it on 4G and not 3G. This service normally costs $29.99 per month.

According to Thomas Ricker from Engadget, Sprint is aware of this loophole and plans to resolve it sometime in July, after then you will need to activate the Sprint Mobile Hotspot add-on. Just imagine how much this will cost Sprint, As the HTC EVO 4G is expected to shift in huge numbers?

We wonder if the carrier has caused this loophole intentionally, customers will get used to the service and will not want to give it up, which they will then have to sign up and pay $29.99 per month for – that’s on top of their tariff charges. View some HTC EVO 4G accessories, which will be launched just after the handset launches.

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  • john

    My mobil hot spot connection starts out good for the first six to ten minutes then disconnects while downloading a software upgrade on my evo then will turn off then turn on abruptly i called sprint and there was nothing they could do….anything else i should try?????

  • david

    To pay for any internet service plus the need for a cable modem and a wireless router with unlimited internet (equivalent to mobile hotspot) usually costs somewhere around $50/month plus the cost of the modem and router and installation fee. [of course speed and other factors will have an influence on price]. I'd say mobile hotspot is very affordable for what you get.

  • maximum90

    I got the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon because it offers free mobile hotspot (which is the only reason I got the phone). It is really nice to have when needed, but considering I use the feature only about 2% of phone usage, I would have much rather bought a phone with better hardware.

  • francisco estrada

    I currently have the Sprint mobile hotspot for my HTC evo 4g n I will admit its a little overpriced but comes in handy even though it all adds up especially having two phones active but I agree I think it should be free and if not half the price of what it currently cost is a fair enough deal n should helps us customers out by paying less and maybe sprint to by attracting more customers

  • arney

    hey dude nothing is free,if you want something you have to look for it,I have the EVO 4G and
    Im using the internet on my Pc Not as a mobile hotspot,there are more ways to connect it.

    • tony

      well do tell where to start looking

  • angelica

    Hopefully sprint mobile hotspot will be free soon because I’m hoping for it.

  • angelica

    I love my evo 4g but what upsets me is that you have to pay $29.99 a month for Sprint mobile hotspot. That’s a rip off I think they should put for free Sprint mobile hotspot I’m already been charge for $10.00 a month for the data that’s already enough for me. I have 3 phone active & I don’t want to pay another extra $29.99 but I wish it was free it will be easier for everyone who has HTC evo 4g…please don’t make it hard for us.