Weight Loss Pills Warning: GlaxoSmithKline on Risks

Following on from our earlier report in which we informed you about the potential health risks involving two GlaxoSmithKline weight loss products, we now have a statement from GSK on the matter.

As reported from Wral, tests have concluded that Alli and Xenical – the two weight loss pills by GSK, could cause severe liver damage in rare cases.

GlaxoSmithKline has attempted to calm the issues over the products by releasing a recent statement. Here is what Howard Marsh, chief medical officer for GSK had to say on the matter:

”GSK is committed to ensuring that consumers and physicians understand the safety profile of orlistat and alli. GSK wants people to have the information they need to choose the right weight loss aid for their situation.”

Is this enough security for the 10 million people who have already used Alli? Let us know your thoughts on their statement – especially if you have taken either pills before.



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