Red Dead Redemption: Outfit Guide – US Army Outfit

By Jamie Pert - May 27, 2010

Over the past week, we have covered everything from outfit guides, treasure locations, hints and tips, and even a biography. In this post, we continue to explore the avenues of Red Dead Redemption, heres how you can obtain the US Army Outfit.

In order to acquire the “scraps” needed to make this outfit, you will need to do a list of requirements which we will go into detail below.

Scrap #1 – Search Aurora Basin – For the first piece to the puzzle, you must search Auror Basin, which can be found inside the cabin on the small lake.

Scrap #2 – Arm Wrestling – The second scrap can be obtained by winning an arm wrestling match in the Pacific Union Railroad Camp.

Scrap #3 – Blackwater Poker – Scrap number 3 will be received after you eliminate all Poker players in the Poker game found in Blackwater.

Scrap #4 – “Lights, Camera, Action” – Pretty straight forward, for scrap number 4 you must complete the “Lights, Camera, Action” Stranger’s task.

Scrap #5 – Nightwatch – When you complete a Nighwatch job in Blackwater, you will get the 5th needed scrap.

Scrap #6 – A Simple Purchase – To obtain the final scrap, all you need to do is visit the tailor in Blackwater and purchase the last piece. Simple.

Is this guide helpful to your Red Dead Redemption adventure? How are you finding the game and its challenges?

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  • Jack Marston

    Completed Scrap #4 but it don't show that in the menu !? Anyone who has the same problem!?

    • Dan

      After finishing the Nuevo Paraiso chapter, you can find MacKenna again, at the Pacific Union Railroad Camp. After listening to his story of how the studio failed, the mission is complete

  • John Marston

    Scrap #3 – Simply beat all other players from the Poker Table
    Scrap #4 – Start this strangers task in the Armadillo Film Production Building, He is around the back.
    Scrap /#5 – Take the dog out for a stroll, Hogtie some bad-asses and get paid. Simple
    Scrap #6 – SPOILER ALERT – PLEASE DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE CAMPAIN – After John dies, When your Jack, Simply purchase it at the tailor in Blackwater. If it says "Not Avaliable" then you must complete the stranger task "Remember My Family" of which you strike down Edgar Ross

  • Jonas

    3-4 is imposible!

    Don't know how to do!!

  • brett

    on the poker game "eliminate all players on the table" do i have to eliminate them myself or do i just have to win

  • cletus

    who is jack?? does john marston die?

    • ralph

      yes, he dies

  • Ive gotten 100% RDR

    You have to be Jack to purchase the scrap. I purchased it as soon as I was Jack without a problem.

  • glennp

    same problem, can't purchase from tailor in blackwater, have done every other task for u.s. army scraps

  • zgjzgf

    how do i receive the 3rd scrap i win on poker everytime more than 100 dollar but i dont get the it meant with "to eliminate" that the other players go out of the game or what do i have to do?

    • dredez18

      zgjzgf you have to make all the players at the table leave after winning hand after hand without leaving the table yourself

    • jmalymal

      you have to make every player "bust" out.. it will be easier if you just wait until there is only one person playing poker and then you will only have to beat out one person, otherwise its difficult.

  • lberbe

    I'm already Jack and still can't buy the last piece of the US Army outfit.

  • blinky_w

    Arm Wrestling is a joke for R3 player….pressing X is pressing O WTF…and rockstart still haven't fix it yet.

  • Towminater

    I've done everything there is to do to obtain the US Army outfit. But when trying to buy scrap 6 from the Blackwater tailor shop, it still says unavailable. Is this a glitch? If so, will it be fixed?

  • jay

    I am now doing quest with abigale and jack and still cant purchase the last pc. from tailor. says unavailable

  • Sergio

    I can’t purchase scrap 6 of the us army uniform at the tailor.. It says that it’s unavailable

  • no good nic

    are you jack yet?

  • Zork

    Same here, i cant buy the scrap at the tailor in blackwater, it just says Unavailable.

    • daz

      kill dutch first

  • WB12345

    i can't finish the final step!! it says 'UNAVAILABLE' in the shop. please help! ty