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Project Natal (Xbox 360): Release Date and Retail Price Update

With just weeks before the start of this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles, we have heard some more rumors regarding a price and release date for Microsoft’s Project Natal motion kit.

According to this report from Joystiq, Project Natal will retail at $150 for the standard kit, while a $300 price point has been set for Project Natal and the Xbox 360 Arcade console bundle.

Furthermore, Joystiq’s source states that Project Natal will land on October 26rd – which just so happens to be a Tuesday for those who are interested.

It seems as if those initial ‘$50-80’ price predictions are starting to look a bit sketchy. Would you be willing to pay $150 to take Project Natal home?

We’ll try and clarify this for you soon.


  • Alex

    Cool project, and, PS3 have Taken the idea and is going to make the PSM(PlayStation Move).Horrible isn't it?I mean that Xbox Rules and PS3 is cool, no offenses to PS3 Players

  • Josh

    On the 26rd eh?

  • angel

    i cant wait……and i would pay 150 for it..move over wii & ps3

  • Craig

    How reliable is this? And yes, I would pay quite a bit more than 150 for such a revolutionary product!

  • Darren

    ya i would be willing to pay 150 or more it. how many times are you guys going to ask that question. its getting real old.


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