New iPhone 4G or Windows Phone 7: Consumer decisions

By Alan Ng - May 27, 2010

It is fair to say that consumers in the U.S have some difficult decisions to make this Summer. With the likes of the HTC EVO 4G and iPhone 4G out in June, we would like to know just how many of you are prepared to wait for Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 handset.

While the iPhone 4G naturally steals all the attention, especially before Apple’s annual WWDC event, Microsoft’s new platform has been slowly gathering momentum, and in-turn, gathering a legion of phone fans who prefer to wait and see what Microsoft bring to the table with Windows Phone 7.

It is no doubt that Windows Phone 7 has the potential to become a real hit in the market – we just hope that they keep giving us tidbits of information along the way to ensure that their upcoming handsets (LG Panther for one) don’t get forgotten when the iPhone 4G and HTC EVO 4G land.

Luckily for you, we have a brand new hands-on video for you to enjoy, which gives you another close-up look at the Windows Phone 7 interface. The video comes to us courtesy of MobileTechWorld who claim that Windows Phone 7 is the smoothest mobile experience they have seen and is definitely on par with the iPhone.

Considering that we practically know what Apple are going to unveil at WWDC in June, I’m a bit more excited about the launch of Microsoft’s first WP7 handset towards the end of the year.

Give us your two cents on this. Are you all set on the iPhone 4G this Summer, or are you another believer that Windows Phone 7 could be great?

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  • Tom

    Windows Phone 7 any day!

  • Hussain

    definitely waiting for the Windows Phone 7, its looks amazing… has a little bit nice touch to it, its a hydrib of phone + zune. but then again i think zune is way amazing than the ipod… call me a MS lover, but i think they have great products which perform way better than the mac. the Iphone interface has been like stagnant now for ages… they live only on their apps.

  • joe

    I am waiting for WP7. I took what I thought was a risk and chose a Zune HD over an IPod Touch. It ended up being a good decision because the ZUne HD is just a great device with a great user experience. WP7 will have a simillar user experience so I am pretty excited about it.

  • Isaac

    I have high hopes for the Windows Phone 7. I was about to go purchase an iPhone but am holding out to see what people say about it. I have been disappointed by MS before but hope they get this right. For the WP7 to be successful, great variety of apps, great touchscreen response, FLASH support, SD or Micro SD memory expandable, Full web browser, WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, compass, accelerometer… ugh.. it just better do everything! It IS possible and if MS wants to get into this market it NEEDS TO GO ALL OUT and make the financial sacrifice to make LONG TERM GAINS!!!

  • oshalabi

    The iphone is locked in to apple. The android is the only available copy of an ecosystem similar to the iphone available to other networks besides att. The droid is available for free, but in return you give up the fact that data hungry google is taking all that info like gps, text, voice, viewing and manipulating for ads which in turn manipulate us. Windows Phone gives us a completely new vision and experience and has a different business model worth supporting that does not include analyzing user data. Besides all other variants that make the phone so rich. So definitely worth the wait, and wait once its out to get better.

  • Dave

    i would rather have a home phone than the iphone 4g tbh. thats just my opinion. i have an iphone right now and its nice…love the apps. though i have a feeling that when phone 7 comes out, its gonna be amazing. microsoft has alot of catching up to do but they have done it in the past. look at the xbox 360. i am a fan and firm believer that phone 7 will be great.

  • nshriv

    I will definitely wait for Windows Phone 7. From what I've seen it far exceeds the iPhone when it comes to enterprise solutions and use of the cloud services like Office, Sharepoint, etc…