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New iPhone 4G: Firefox Home Sync App

We have some good news for iPhone fans who are used to using Firefox on their desktop computers, as Mozilla has just announced that a new application called ‘Firefox Home’ is coming to the App store soon.

As reported from Engadget, the new application isn’t a full Firefox browser for the iPhone (that wouldn’t be right, surely?), but instead it offers users the chance to sync the app up with your desktop pc, allowing you to retrieve your browsing history and bookmarks.

The application will also be able to bring up the the tabs that you last saved on your browsing session on PC – very impressive we think. There is also the included ‘awesome bar’ feature that you use regularly on the desktop version.

We are pretty sure that Firefox fans would want to give this a try on the new iPhone 4G when it is released, rather than the default browser that Apple includes.

Let us know your thoughts on Firefox Home, there is a video through the link.



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