New iPhone 2010: Price and Tariff Predictions

By Peter Chubb - May 27, 2010

We can now be certain that Steve Jobs will announce a new iPhone at WWDC 2010 – what the official name will be we do not know. The name that most of us assume will be 4G as it is the fourth-generation iPhone, but this has already caused confusion as this could mislead consumers into thinking that it will come with 4G technology – which it will not.

Other suggested names include the iPhone Pro or HD – but we still like 4G. Many questions about the new iPhone for 2010 have already been answered thanks to Gizmodo, but two questions unanswered is the price of the new handset along with AT&T tariffs.

There is no reason why AT&T would wish to change its tariffs – it is the price of the new iPhone that has everyone guessing. We have hit on the subject briefly that Apple and AT&T could reduce the price of the new iPhone – we wonder for what reason and could this really happen?

You can look at all the facts and figures of the previous versions of the iPhone and how much they cost at launch, but things are very different now because of Google Android. Yes there is speculation that the iPhone 4G or whatever it will be called is cheaper to manufacturer but it is the constant bombardment of Android that will dictate how much the handset will cost.

Google seem relentless in the amount of handsets that run on its Android OS, such as the HTC Droid Incredible and the EVO 4G. These two smartphones will have a huge share of the smartphone market by the end of the year, and Apple knows this. It has to be for this reason that Apple will be forced to reduce the price of the new iPhone – what that price will be is anyone’s guess.

How much would you be willing to pay for the new 2010 iPhone?

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  • matt

    im no pro and i dont know anyone at at&t but most reliable mac news and mac rumor websites, who actually do know people within mac and at&t say that the lower end model will be 199.00 and then add 16 gigs and a 100 bucks and u get the next model and so on and so fourth…its really the only thing that makes sense with the economy and the competition. theres no way its gonna be over 300 and theres no way its gonna be under 200… be serious…apple aint dumb, they want the stores to sell out in a few hours…i know my ass is gonna be in line. But ya you can but that those guesses are accurate, well as acurate as a rumor can be at least. PeAAce

  • defabz

    I strongly prefer the iPhone, but I would switch carriers. I had Sprint and the reception was poor, but I would be willing to try them again if they had the iPhone. The Sprint plans are much more affordable, but it is not worth it if their network has not improved.

  • sunshine

    I am still in contract with AT&T so I would have to pay the higher price or wait 9 months more to get it at the reduced cost. But you better believe I will pay whatever they charge to get it now. There is no phone out there that can compare in any way shape or form to the iphone. I have friends who just got the droid incredible (which is about the closest thing to the iphone) and have played with it only to notice it has no comparison what so ever to the iphone. I would follow Apple to any carrier (except Sprint) if they moved from AT&T. This new phone is going to be amazing!!

  • Driven123

    I have the iPhone 3gs and they better make it an offer I can't refuse if they want to keep me as a customer I was a verizon customer and I should of stayed there

  • mandy

    299 for lower end model w/o contract

  • Texas

    i have a cousin who works in a at&t store and she said the new phones were going to cost $500

    • taylor

      none of the apple employees know anything if they told any of them the world would already know. nice lie.

  • Matt

    The cost of the phone is only one aspect. You need to look at the cost of the plan and early termination fees. ATT is sneaking in a huge price increase for early termination. Up from 150 to 325 or something like that. So they think people will leave if they have a choice of Iphone vendors and possibly will reduce the cost of the 3Gs on their site and stores to follow Walmart.

  • iphone guy

    299. for big 64gig version.
    199 for 32 gig version.
    Old 3gs 32 gig 199
    old 3gs 16 99.

    wanna bet im wrong. I doubt it. Look at the past. The numbers tell the tale.

  • john cena

    lower cell pone plans

  • John

    199 for higher end version

  • Donny

    id be willing to go up to 600$

  • Kelly