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Motorola Shadow (Droid 2): Verizon Wireless Employee Who Found Phone Gets Fired

Continuing on from our previous post where we mentioned the first new picture and specs from Motorola’s latest Droid 2 phone aka the Motorola Shadow, news has come in that the Verizon Wireless employee who found the phone and sent it to Gizmodo has been fired.

A post that comes from SlashGear confirms that an employee who worked in a corporate gym belonging to Verizon Wireless found the Motorola Shadow, which was mistakenly left behind by a Verizon employee.

Upon finding the device, pictures and specs were duly noted and sent to Gizmodo for inspection. Unlike the Apple iPhone 4G case, Gizmodo did not offer any sort of money for the phone and was eventually returned to it’s rightful owner.

But by doing so, the Verizon employee who found the phone is, lets say, in a little bother. The employee was called to a meeting after receiving phone calls from a Verizon corporate, and was fired with immediate effect.

The funny thing about this story though, is that the guy who found the phone in the first place, was not the guy who tipped off Gizmodo. Hmmm.

Will you be picking up the Motorola Shadow on its release?

Source: SlashGear



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