Mark Zuckerberg Backtracks: Facebook Privacy Settings Update

Just as CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised, Facebook has once again undergone a series of changes to it’s Privacy Settings, but this time the update aims to make things a lot more easier for you.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, Zuckerberg confirmed the update in a conference call yesterday and the changes are now live on your Facebook account.

Once you head to the correct page on your Facebook account, you’ll see that the Privacy Settings interface has been revamped again and now features a ‘one simple control’ moniker which will give you more control over which information you want to share with your friends.

You will now be able to turn off instant personalisation completely if you wish, and there is a new ‘recommended’ section that has been added, which will automatically share your information with everyone if you choose this option.

More details over at Pocket-Lint. You will see a new privacy settings notification from Facebook the next time you log in. Let us know your thoughts on the changes.

Are you satisifed or not?



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