Chinese Factory Suicide: Foxconn death toll mounts

We have more worrying news to bring you from the Foxconn factory suicides now, as we can confirm that another man commited suicide, bringing the suicide death toll to 10.

As reported from Huffingon Post, a 23-year-old worker from Gansu in China killed himself by leaping from a dormitory balcony just hours after Foxconn chairman Terry Gou invited media into one of the factories in an attempt to calm the situation down.

It seems as if the problems are getting worse for the company who supplies Apple, as just today, another Foxconn employee attempted to cut his wrists in his dormitory, but survived after receiving medical attention.

The most worrying aspect of this latest attempted suicide, is that the 25 year-old worker had only been at Foxconn for two months. Obviously there is a real issue at hand here – 10 deaths and 3 attempted suicides is clearly not normal behaviour.

Let us know your thoughts on this. What do you think is going on?



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