Bionic Heart for Bride: Love not Technology

Bride to be, Ally Smith’s thought that she would not be able to marry her fiancé Mike Babineaux due to health issues – but thanks to a Bionic Heart the pair are soon to be wed. If you were to ask the future bride she would tell you that it is love making this all possible and not technology.

Smith has now been dubbed the Bionic Bride, but let us not get away from the fact that this is a serious matter where Ally could have lost her life – and they say that science cannot solve anything.

Smith has a condition called cardiomyopathy, which is more commonly known as heart muscle disease. She had thought that the condition would get better by itself, own but life is never that simple. The fact is, this condition is a progressive disease and will eventually lead to organ failure.

Things got much worse closer to the wedding date as her body started to shut down, doctors hopes for a donor heart failed – so the only decision left was to fit her with a bionic one.

HeartMate II is made by Thoratec Corp. and is capable of pumping 10 liters of blood per minute – much like our own heart. Ally has now undergone two surgeries and is said to be doing very well. For more details on this amazing story read Michael Inbar’s article on Today



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