Apple iPad: Delivery Times delayed again in the UK?

By Alan Ng - May 27, 2010

We have some bad news for consumers in the UK looking to pick up the Apple iPad, as it has been reported that delivery dates have once again been pushed back even further.

As reported from ITProPortal, it looks as if Apple are still struggling to cope with high demand for the tablet device. The device was expected to be ‘widely’ available on June 7th, but the source points out that only those who have pre-ordered will get their device on time.

For everyone else looking to pick one up from shops – prepare to be disappointed. Shortages of both the iPad WiFi and 3G are expected, so hopefully Apple will give us a revised update on the iPad status in the UK.

Do you have your iPad on pre-order in the UK, yet? For those of you who were planning to buy one from retailers, give us your thoughts on the new delay.

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  • Chris Clack

    Ordered mine yesterday and have found out from my itunes account that estimated shipping date is 22 july.
    NO communications from Apple about this, i had to find out for myself.
    I think i will have to cancel my order, as by the time i get it, it will be out of date !!!
    Shame but i dont have the patience to deal with companies like Apple that Over Promise and Under Deliver !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    I expected that ordering an iPad might result in a longer than usual (for other suppliers) delay but what annoys me is that I have ordered it and I get NO information about when it will be despatched at all (OK other than the word 'June').

    Seems that Apple are very good at positive message marketing but absolutely dismal when it comes to giving out bad news.