Apple iPad: A Look at Bell’s Official 3G Data Plans

By Jamie Pert - May 27, 2010

Tomorrow you will finally be able to pick up an iPad in Canada from the data carrier Bell, you may wonder just how much you will have to pay for 3G connectivity, well Bell have now officially announced the price of their data plans.

There are two plans to choose from, one of which sets you back $15 per month and gives you up to 250MB of data to use over the month, this gives you roughly 8MB per day.

The other will set you back $35 per month and will give you up to 5GB of data usage, this gives you around 170MB per day, which is a bit overkill, however better than receiving a large bill for going over your data allowance.

Both plans give you unlimited connectivity to Bell WiFi hotspots, this includes Starbucks locations which are scattered around Canada. If you would like to find out more you should check out the official Bell website.

Do you think Bell’s data prices are fair?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • kman

    … fair enough to make me not buy an ipad in canada, thats for sure. I'll bluetooth tether my $550 netbook running win7 to my bberry just fine, and still have tons of room left on my single 6GB data plan.

    Paying an extra $35 for 5GB when I typically don't even use 1/3 of my $30/6GB plan is offensive. No data plan sharing = no deal.