Verizon iPhone: Reasons why 4G must come to the Big Red

By Gary Johnson - May 26, 2010

As AT&T continues to have exclusivity to Apple’s iPhone, customers of Verizon Wireless must wonder if they will ever be able to get their hands on Apples Smartphone. Any announcement for the iPhone on Verizon Wireless could be months away. is running a story about why it would be in Apple’s best interest to sell the iPhone on Verizon. Verizon Wireless being the top U.S. carrier Apple could have access to millions of possible customers.

With the Smartphone industry having a big future it could be disastrous for Apple to stall for much longer. Google are currently selling huge numbers with Android on Verizon, and selling the iPhone on the network could make some impact on the success.

Any news on a tie up should surely come within the coming months, but probably not at WWDC 2010 next month. Click here for the full story.

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