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Verizon Droid Incredible: Same Price, More Storage

If you have already brought your Verizon Droid Incredible you may be slightly frustrated to hear that the handset recently disappeared from the carrier’s website, when it reappeared later on the handset had been slightly improved.

Don’t worry too much, all they done was add a 2GB microSD memory card at no extra cost, none-the-less it is still a nice touch from the carrier and saves you having to fork out an extra $10 on a memory card.

As standard the Incredible features 8GB of storage, therefore the extra 2GB is useful, especially when the FroYo update is offered by Verizon as it will offer removable storage which you can back up music, photos, videos and apps on.

If you are frustrated by this news you may want to give Verizon a ring, perhaps they will send you a memory card so you don’t feel hard-done-by. For more information check out the link below.

Source: IntoMobile


  • Jamie

    I purchased my Incredible on the in store release date and they threw a memory card in at that time. It worked out pretty well…since the old card from my previous phone wouldn't register with the Incredible. They used that storage to dump my contacts and merge them with my Gmail account. I had to manually transfer the pics and such from the old micro card to the new one, but everything looks great….now if they could just get the battery life to be better.


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