Tylenol Side Effects: Hearing Examines Recall

The FDA is to hold a hearing tomorrow – May 27th – to examine the side effects of the drug Tylenol, which they had to issue a recall for. In the report that will be studied tomorrow, the Food and Drug Administration will look into the 30 deaths – although it is thought that they have no connection with the drug.

CNN Money explains that the FDA will also looks into the hundreds of side effects along with 7 deaths that have happened since May 1 – this was when McNeil, a division of Johnson & Johnson recalled its children’s version of Tylenol due to concerns with its safety.

The FDA is yet to comment on this matter, which is understandable in a serious case like this. We do not expect an outcome on May 27 – this is the fourth recall from McNeil in the past seven months, which is certainly worrying for those who have taken the drug.

These drugs include: Tylenol Arthritis Pain 100, Tylenol Arthritis Pain caplet, Tylenol, Motrin, along with the Childs version of the drug recently.

What do you think the outcome will be, or should be?


  • Robbaby

    Is Mortin still safe? How about Avdil?

  • Colleen

    What is Tylelon?? Check the graphic. Where does something like this come from??

  • Justin

    Where'd you get that misspelled "Tylelon" box?

  • Johannes

    you realize that the box pictured is not the drug you are talking about……never heard of 'TYLELON'

  • John

    Why does the photo say "Tylelon"?

  • Enigma

    Why is the name on the box in the picture "Tylelon" and not "Tylenol"?

  • Rita

    Is one of the side effects blurry vision? The spelling on the box is TYLELON instead of tylenol!

  • Rita

    Is one of the side effects blurry vision? The spelling on the box is TYLELON instead of tylenol!

    Am I seeing this correctly?

  • whatthe

    This article is wrong.. not only is the name "Tylenol" spelled wrong on the box but they state "motrin" is part of the medication in this family. It is NOT, Motrin is IBUPROFEN, not acetaminophen. Please fix this article.

  • Boomer


  • xpc

    Why does the box in the picture say "TYLELON"?


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