Tesla Motors and Toyota to Reopen NUMMI Plant

By Peter Chubb - May 26, 2010

Tesla Motors and Japanese automakers Toyota have announced that they are to become partners in a project that will see the NUMMI plant reopen. The New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. plant used to be run by General Motors and Toyota – so we know that the latter will have some experience of the place.

President Barack Obama seems a happy man to know that NUMMI is to reopen, and with it a thousand new jobs. It is believed that former workers at the plant stand a good chance of getting their old jobs back – although this is not guaranteed.

According to the Detroit News, this new joint venture will see Tesla and Toyota work on a new all-electric car, with a little help from the U.S. government who is investing money into advanced battery technology. We can understand why they would want to do this, if they could help create a thousands jobs and get more energy efficient cars on the road – then this will do wonders for the Obama administration.

It is not yet known what car the two automakers will work on, and there is no timescale as to when it will be ready for launch. As always we will keep you informed of any progress.

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  • Charles M.Johnson sr

    I as a layoff worker from new united motor manufacturing inc. Would truly like to no if iam go to be concern for a recall went the new venture reopen back up.I no that there are thousands of job opening with no guaranteed with out the united auto worker union backing the layoff worker.So now do i stsnd a chance of get rehire with out going throught Nrc to be hire. Iam one of your worker with twenty one years of veastly perfact attened who truly like working for the auto indructy,Iam a undergurade bachelor's Degree and Master degree in Business Administration Management &Heath care management who like to work in porduct.

  • Sounds like more empty promises.