Sony 4.1-inch Rollable OLED Display Specs and Video

We have seen a number of renders in the past of rollable displays, so it is nice to finally see the future arriving. Sony have been showing of its 4.1-inch Rollable OLED Display and its specs looks truly awesome – you only have to watch the video below to understand how exited we are.

Engadget explains that Sony have used organic thin-film transistors along with OLED technology and mounted it on to a strip without any rigid surface and IC chips. The end result is that this latest display can be wrapped around something as small as a pencil.

Some of the specs of this Sony 4.1-inch Rollable OLED Display include: 432 x 240 pixel resolution, 16 million colors, 1,000:1 contrast ratio and more than 100nits brightness. The device is still in its research stage, but we feel that this technology is getting closer every day.

Sony will offer more information on this at tomorrow’s SID (Society for Information Display event.



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