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Shaun White Skateboarding: Video Trailer, Screens and Release Info

If you have been left unimpressed with latest versions of Tony Hawks and Skate video games we have a new skateboarding game to tell you about, this game is called Shaun White Skateboarding.

If you can’t put a face to the name, Shaun White recently won his second gold medal at the winter Olympics for snowboarding (halfpipe), however is perhaps better known for his unparalleled accomplishments in skateboarding.

Ubisoft are the game’s developer, and they have recently released a trailer video which helps build the hype, the trailer also reveals that the Shaun White Skateboarding will be coming to the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime during ‘fall 2010’.

The game will apparently feature over 80 tricks and unlockable content, not only this but Wii gamers will be able to experience a new control scheme, which will apparently be revealed at E3 2010.

If you are looking forward to the game check out the video trailer below, it is also worth checking out the source link below, which includes a gallery of screens.

Source: TheTanooki



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