Red Dead Redemption Wiki: Walkthrough, Weapons, Outfits and More

By Jamie Pert - May 26, 2010

If you are getting stuck into Red Dead Redemption we have a great website for you to check out, this is the Red Dead Redemption Wiki, which will prove to be a valuable resource for you Achievement and Trophy hunters out there.

You can see the full Red Dead Wiki here, currently it is split into 12 different subcategories, these are Walkthrough, Trophies/Achievements, Locations, Characters, Outfits, Weapons, Hunting, Transport, Activities, Multiplayer, Posses and DLC.

A quick look into the weapons category and you can find out details regarding Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Scoped Rifles, Shotguns, Thrown Weapons, Mounted Weapons and Equipment. Find out for yourself here.

The outfits is perhaps one of the most interesting categories, it shows you the benefits of different ‘standard outfits’, along with exclusive bonus outfits and downloadable outfits, find out more here.

Of course no Wiki would be complete without a detailed walkthrough, and this is no exception, the walkthrough is easy to read and split into chapters and missions, therefore simply scroll down the list to the mission you are stuck on and click the link, here you will find all of the relevant information needed to complete the mission. You can see the RDR walkthrough here.

The Red Dead Redemption Wiki aims to be a central location for all of your RDR needs, and I must say after just one week since the game’s release the Wiki is already looking pretty substantial. Has the Red Dead Redemption Wiki been useful to you?

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  • angel071982

    Hi Im new to gaiming and i have rdr on ps3 and my brother has it on xbox, is it possible to play with him online? thanks for your time.

  • I just picked this up about a week ago I had it on pre-order but have been over seas so far I like the open format that it is has. I loved Fallout3 and Borderlands and was told if I liked western this was the game for me. Unlike several other first person shooter I have played were you can play through them in a few days I am really enjoying all that this game has to offer I actaully feel like I am getting my money's worth for once

  • nick

    i love the game but its kinda glichy in some areas in the world

  • Jordon

    Ghost you get the double action revolver by buying it YOU WELCOME

  • ghost4

    how do you get the double action revolver on single player.

  • The Vault also was pretty messy just after Fallout 3 was released, I'm sure Red Dead Wiki will get better and better with time. And if you don't think it's good enough, help out to make it better!

  • I hate to say it, but Red Dead Wiki leaves a lot to be desired. It’s filled with incomplete articles, dupe articles, and a dearth of information. Compare it to the grand theft wiki or the Vault for Fallout 3 and you’ll see what I mean. This wiki needs a lot more work on it to be good.

    • TNT LotLP

      Dude, the game has been out for a week. A week. We've got multiple administrators (including me) working on these sort of things. It happens a lot (since it's a wiki) that a user vandalises pages, removes (parts of) information, or makes a dupe page with one different letter or something like that. We are constantly trying to resolve these issues and bring you the most complete read dead redemption guide, completely free and community built.

      Also, you're comparing it to the grand theft wiki, which is about a game series that has been out there for the longest period of time now. Fallout has a huge fanbase and incredible oppertunity for in-depth articles, not to mention that the newest fallout game (fallout 3) has already been released for quite a while (not counting fallout new vegas, of course). The vault has a huge amount of contributors, while the red dead wiki only has a few committed contributors.

      If you think it's lacking, try helping.

    • DaStreetzIzWatchin

      Yeah ok guy…