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Red Dead Redemption: The Pike’s Basin Rockstar Social Club Challenge

If you already know about the Rockstar Club Challenges for Red Dead Redemption, you probably know all about the Pike’s Basin Challenge, it seems as if this particular challenge is proving to be difficult for some gamers out there.

The challenge requires you to beat the “Justice in Pike’s Basin” mission and complete the “Pike’s Basin”, once this is done Social Club members can attempt the Pike’s Basin Challenge.

The challenge sounds pretty simplistic and requires you to take on the challenge and “Kill 3 enemies in one Dead Eye burst”, “Drag a gang member through the basin (by lassoing him on horseback)” and “Kill all enemies while on horseback”.

Once complete you should feature on the Social Club Challenges leaderboard, not only this but you will acquire the “Guns Blazing” cheat. This cheat gives you the ability to shoot bullets which can set your enemies on fire.

Have you complete the challenge? If so, did you have any issues unlocking the Guns Blazing cheat?

Source: RockstarGames



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