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Red Dead Redemption: How and Where To Watch the Machinima Film

Some of our readers just can’t get enough of Red Dead Redemption, therefore I thought there would be some interest in a John Hillcoat-directed short film, which is made from Red Dead Redemption content.

This film will be airing on Fox on Saturday 29th April at midnight (ET), this broadcast will be the film’s public premiere, chances are soon after it airs the video will be posted all over YouTube, therefore we will probably end up posting it on ProductReviews.

For those of you who don’t know, a Machinima is usually a short film created using graphics engines from video games, controllable characters are used to ‘act out’ scenes. Perhaps the most popular Machinima is “Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles”, this was created by Rooster Teeth Productions, who utilized Halo: Combat Evolved for their comedy series.

As previously mentioned John Hillcoat is the director, he has previously directed a few successful films (seen here), therefore many expect his re-imagination of John Marston’s pursuit of Bill Williamson to be better than most of the Machnimas we have previously seen.

Will you be tuning in? Which is your favorite Machnima?

Source: JoyStiq


  • Machinima is nothing less than the future of independent animated films. As computer systems get faster and more powerful and render time shrinks, this is where animation in general is headed. This goes way beyond video games and gaming engines also.


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