Red Dead Redemption: John Marston Biography

By Jamie Pert - May 26, 2010

If you are a huge Red Dead Redemption fan you may be interesting in finding out all of the information regarding the game’s main character John Marston, in the game Marston is voiced by the actor Rob Wiethoff, who by the looks of things is early-on in his acting career.

John Marston is a former outlaw and bandit whose father was an illiterate Scottish immigrant born on a boat to New York, his mother was nothing to be proud of either, she was a prostitute who died during child birth. Sadly his father also died when John was 8, which resulted in him being sent to an orphanage,

In the game Marston fights to survive, however his old-fashioned ways need to be brought up-to-date to help him protect his wife Abigail, Son Jack and Dog Rufus. As you complete the game you find out if his valiant efforts are enough to save his loved ones.

If you check out the Red Dead Wiki’s John Marston’s biography you can find out more about him, however it may spoil the game for you.

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  • 123

    John Marston is fantastic and the game red dead redemption is wonderfull.
    Congratulations Rock Stars games.

     People don’t forget. nothing gets forgiven.
    – John Marston.

  • Adam

    Alright guy, we get it. You like Red Dead Redemption. I thought this was a news site, not a strategy guide. There's more going on for the 360 than this game. Isn't there an expo coming soon or something?