No Tacos Sign & Hackers: Food for pro-immigration debate?

Some interesting news to bring you now, as it seems as if hackers have once again managed to recode traffic signs to portray some questionable messages to drivers passing by. We want your thoughts on this.

As reported from Huffington Post, a road sign on the Palmetto Expressway in South Florida has been hacked to read the following message: ”No Latinos, No Tacos.”

The news follows a very similar trend in Austin, where hackers managed to change a road sign to display ”Daily Lane Closures Due to Zombies”.

But what does the latest message mean exactly? Are the people responsible for this trying to get the message across that latinos and tacos are not welcome in the U.S, or is it a pro-immigration message that without latinos, there would be no tasty taco snacks?

Let us know your thoughts on this road sign. Are you offended by this or not?



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