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Nexus One: Buy Online again for Higher Price

Just when you thought that the Google Nexus One handset was starting to become extinct in terms of online availability, we have news of one online retailer who has just started selling the device.

As reported from Engadget, i Wireless is a third party retailer who now have the Nexus One to buy on their website. Interestingly, we have learned that this company is also an authorized T-Mobile affiliate.

However, the price is significantly more expensive than what Google were asking before they yanked the device from their website. If you want to pick up the Nexus One direct from i Wireless, you’ll have to pay $299.95 on contract after rebate. But the good news is that you’ll be able to select any calling plan from T-Mobile – which isn’t so bad after all is it?

What are your thoughts on this? Good deal or not? Pretty good if you are desperate to pick up a Nexus One anyway.


  • Quinn O'Daniel

    I thought i Wireless was Cincinnati Bell Wireless Pre-paid plan?


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