New iPhone 4G: Release Date on AT&T Confirmed in June

By Alan Ng - May 26, 2010

Some breaking news to bring you regarding the iPhone 4G release this Summer, as one respected source has confirmed that the iPhone 4G will be available in June – as most of you already expected.

The news comes from an exclusive report by BGR, who states that carrier AT&T has confirmed to their employees that the new handset will be available in June.

More importantly, they have also pinpointed that the device won’t be available at the end of June, but much sooner than that. That means that a release during WWDC 2010 has still not been ruled out.

Considering that BGR is usually a good source for exclusive information regarding cell phone leaks, this is pretty exciting for everyone waiting for the final release date for the device.

Let us know your thoughts on the news. When in June do you think the handset will land?

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  • me:)

    i think they should do it now so i don't have to charge my battery twice a day thanks apple love u

  • word

    I wish they would have it for sale on June 4th so everyone would see that the andriod's(sprint's evo4g) can't compete with Apple.

    • joel

      what do care about the competition btwn the 2 phones get the one u like and shut up

  • Burrito

    Because the iPhone 3GS was released a week after Apple's 2009 WWDC, I think the new iPhone will come out a week or so after this year's WWDC. The 18th of June would be the earliest day to get the new iPhone in my opinion.