New iPhone 2010 Release: Confirmation In 12 Days

By Peter Chubb - May 26, 2010

We hope to have conformation of the new iPhone 4G at WWDC 2010, and hopefully Steve Jobs will also announce its release date. Most of us have decided that Apple will call its fourth-generation iPhone 4G, but there have been some other names kicking about – such as HD and Pro.

We have already marked June 7 in our calendars so we know where we will be, but where will you be on this important day for the smartphone market? Apple have not hinted as to what they will discuss in 12 days time – the iPhone prototype that Gizmodo got their hands on suggests a new handset, but we have been wrong in the past.

We know that Steve Jobs and his team will big up the iPad and its huge sales numbers, and we know for certain that more details on iPhone OS 4.0 will come under discussion. Trying to predict what Apple will do at such events has become much harder over time, we all assumed that Jobs would announce a Verizon iPhone back in January – look how wrong we were, as they have just extended their exclusivity deal with AT&T.

We just hope that with the recent Foxconn events it will not affect the outcome of WWDC 2010 – will they be able to handle the huge numbers of new iPhone handsets for 2010? There have been fears of strikes – something that the likes of Apple, Dell, HP and other electronics makers all fear.

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