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Motorola Shadow (Droid 2): New Picture and New Specs

New info regarding the upcoming Motorola Shadow handset is starting to come in thick and fast now, as following on from our previous reports on the device, we have a brand new picture to share with you, as well as some new information regarding specs for the device.

As reported from BGR, the latest picture has come from the same source who leaked the first picture of the Motorola Shadow user manual on Verizon.

The new picture gives us a completely different view of the phone, giving us a close-up look at the USB and HDMI out port.

We also have some revised specs to give you. It turns out that the device will feature a 4.1-inch display screen, rather than the 4.3-inch display previously reported. Also the device will feature 8GB of internal memory and 8GB removable card support, rather than the 16GB previously reported.

Check out the new picture through the link and let us know your thoughts on this. Will you pick up the Motorola Shadow on Verizon this Summer?


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    of course ..


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