May 2010 Children’s Product Recalls List

May 2010 has not been a good month for parents, as there has been a huge amount of recalls on Children’s products – such as toys, cribs and clothing. There are so many factors to look at as to why this keeps happening, but the biggest cause is due to cost cutting.

We thought we would do some digging and come up with a list of the children’s product recalls for May 2010. The first and most recent is the “Voluntary recall of 44,000 pink baby blankets” which we discussed in much detail last week.

On May 17 there was a recall on Sandy the Squirrel Plush Toys, as there were concerns of a choking hazard. Out of the 1200 that were produced, only 11 were sold.

Also on May 17 a recall was issued on Auto Fire Toy Dart Gun Sets after the death of two children due to asphyxiation. It seems that the small darts can become stuck in a Child’s throat.

On May 13 Tommy Hilfiger had to recall 1,700 children’s sweatshirts as they were a fire risk. The sweatshirts in question had the logo “N.Y.C.” and “Hilfiger College” on the front.

These are just a handful, for more visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website



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