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Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom: Trailer Video for PS3 and Xbox 360

I must admit before writing this post I thought there would be more information regarding Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, however upon researching this game I found myself struggling to find out useful information regarding the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 title.

What we have found is a bright and vibrant trailer video which will no-doubt appeal to some of our game-playing readers, this video has been embedded towards the end of this post, at the end of the video it suggests that the game will arrive this winter, which sort of fits in with the September 2010 release we expected.

In the game you play as a boy who is accompanied by a huge troll-like creature called Majin, the game itself is said to be a violent action and adventure game, which features puzzle solving and combat, in a similar way to Prince of Persia.

Do you think you will buy Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom?

Source: JoyStiq and Gamespot



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