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iPhone 4.0 Release Date: Firmware Recap and Expectations

Back at the beginning of April we were treated to the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 preview event, and most will agree the jump from version 3 to 4 is much bigger than 2 to 3. It comes as no surprise that some of the new upcoming features have been in use on other platforms for some time now – but Apple has a way of coming late to the party and still doing better than all the old partygoers.

We still do not have a specific release date for the new software, but we know it will be this summer – best guess would be towards the end of June. Like iPhone OS 3.0, 4.0 will come with 100 new features, but these will be more useful. One of the most anticipated features from the upcoming firmware update is true multitasking – this alone has great expectations. We have been advised that this new feature will not run on older iPhone models, which as we know will not go down too well with those who are unable to purchase a newer version of the iPhone.

Looking back at a recap of our previous posts we start to get an image at just how special iPhone OS 4.0 will be. These updates include: Multitasking, Homescreen/Customization/Categorization, Enhanced Mail, iBooks, Enterprise, Game Center and iAd. These are just the ones we know of, we can expect to learn of some of the other features at WWDC 2010 in a couple of weeks time.


  • sMaLlEr MaN

    If you can read correctly then it's said right there in the article that older models will not run all OS 4.0 features and if you have a 3GS than you obviously know that it is the most recent iPhone yet so yes it will run all the new features.

  • Chris

    Are you saying that my iphone 3GS will not be able to use all of the functions of the new 4.0 firmware?


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